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Modern World

Modern World by Karen Gadient, 2018

Modern World. Digital painting.

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three. ― Alice Kahn

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Copyright and Using the Work of Others

Ask First Before Using Images

I don’t usually reshare my own posts, but this one deserves a repeat.

If you ever grab images right from Google or just pluck them from Pinterest or other sites, you might want to rethink your blogging habits. Not only are you using someone else’s work without permission, but you could get sued―and I pretty sure that’s not one of your blogging goals!

Read more here:

Copyright and Using the Work of Others


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AETHER / Interactive Audiovisual Installation

Fantastic. Beautiful. Living digital art.
I’d love a wall of my house to be like this.
What do you think of it?


February 3, 2014 · 10:46 pm

Copyright and Using the Work of Others

Ask First for Image Use Permission

Cloud Lounge wrote a great post yesterday about copyright and fair use.

Interesting timing, since my photographer husband and I had discussed copyright that morning. We see so many bloggers using images that aren’t their own and not giving credit. It’s clearly not the artwork of the person who wrote the blog post, yet there’s nothing to say who did create the image.

Not only is it stealing, but it’s rude.

I mean, imagine if it was your hard work and no one gave you credit?

Ask first. Don’t be a jerk.

If that’s not a good enough reason, consider this:

It’s not just personal. Some projects that artists (and photographers) are commissioned for pass the rights to another person or company. And that person or company might have eager lawyers. Think twice.

Also worth resharing: Roni Loren’s ‘Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog — My Story’.

You might not be out of luck if you really want to use a certain image. If it’s not commissioned work, many artists and photographers will allow noncommercial use (with limitations) of their work with permission. Ask first before you use someone else’s image. If you can’t locate the creator of something you want to use, go find another image to use where you can email the creator.

Or search Creative Commons, try Morgue File or Kozzi, or consider a subscription to Crestock, Fotolia, or Depositphotos.

We all want success, popularity, and/or maybe even fame. That’s why we put ourselves (and our creativity) online and blog. We need to help promote each other instead of just promoting ourselves. Asking permission can make new friends who will promote you in their own networks. It’s a good idea all around.


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Fashion and Digital Textile Design

One more post about the Phoenix Art Museum. These images, also taken by my husband David, are of the Digital Print Fashion exhibition. Everything you see here is digitally printed textile, which allows for some fantastic color and pattern. With digital printing, the sources for fashion inspiration are without limits. Many of these designs inspired me to write, because they look like they’d be at home in a science fiction or fantasy novel—yet, I’d still wear a few of them out to a party this weekend if I could! Which ones catch your eye the most?

Digital Textile Printing - Fashion Examples


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Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction Photos 2013. Photos by David Gadient.

Cars are art. Didn’t Top Gear already argue that several times? I agree: cars are indeed art. Cars are poetry. Cars are inspiring. They are things of beauty and speeding along in one makes the heart flutter. They have personality, spirit, and attitude… much like the people who drive them.

We went to the amazing Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction this weekend and spent many hours gawking at the cars. If you ever have the chance to attend one of these auctions—take it. There is just so much shiny to see! There are even food and merchandise vendors. Perfect way to spend a family afternoon.


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Writer-Artist Ergonomics

Here I am at the the letter E and it’s not difficult to choose a topic: ergonomics.

I’m not going to go on about the (not enough) options out there, despite my daily battle with wrist/arm pain. One of my dearest friends in the multiverse, Natania Barron, has already written what I think is the best post on the subject, and since she writes for Wired’s Geekmom, you can trust her thoughts on the matter.

Like Natania, I write for a good part of my day. The other part of the day, I paint on an older Wacom Intuos. I’m always at my desk.

My desk was a hand-me-down from a local friend. It’s an IKEA Galant and as much as I think it’s attractive in my office—and matches my Billy shelf—it wasn’t made for writer-artists. Even after installing IKEA’s Summera keyboard tray, I was miserable. It’s a short tray and doesn’t quite hold everything I need.


For my tablet, I keep a laptop desk nearby. Seriously: just for the tablet. Hey, it’s adjustable! And forty bucks is a lot better for an adjustable art table than the high cost of other, more easel-like, options.

I have a Macbook, but it’s always attached to a ginormous monitor, so it pretends to be a desktop. I also have a G4 tower on the floor I can swap out when the need arises; it’s old, but it has all of my STUFF on it. And there’s the first-generation iPad… which I use with Corel’s Cinco for Painter.

I currently have two Apple keyboards—and I hate them both. Until it died on me a few months ago, I relied on an ancient split Nu-Form keyboard. I miss that thing like whoa, so I finally ordered Adesso’s Tru-Form. I chose it over the Goldtouch because of my fond, comfortable memories of that old split-key.

But neither the Adesso nor the Goldtouch offered a USB for the mouse. I know what you’re thinking: who uses anything but wireless now? Me. Sometimes.

I own a lot of mice. Really: a lot of input devices. Trackpad, trackball, wireless, and wired… and that’s not even counting the four-button mouse and pen that the tablet came with. Yet, the only thing my hand really likes is the low-profile, adorably round, single-button, often-slighted puck mouse.

Ooh. Someone at Low End Mac who feels like I do!

I have a collection of puck mice from my days working in a computer lab. I love the things so much that, when I ordered my Macbook, my customer note to Apple said: “This Macbook will be used with a puck mouse.” —because I knew, having once worked for Apple myself, that it would give someone over there a laugh. That feature-free little puck hurts my wrist the least. Maybe it’s because I end up using the keyboard shortcuts more with a one-button mouse.

Right now, I’m hoping the new keyboard will help. Plus, I’ve got a little clamp-on mouse shelf for whatever input device I choose to use with it. I also have a selection of gel-filled wrist rests and even microfiber covering my desk chair armrests. Next thing will either be a new desk or at least a better keyboard tray. But ergonomics—man, what a pain in the wrists!


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