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Daily Prompt: Mantric Mirror

Mantric Mirror by Karen Gadient, 2014

I’ve never done a prompt before, but since I’m crazy for psychedelic art and have been experimenting with digital watercolor, this prompt really appealed to me. Thanks to Jackie at Lostinthot for leading me to the prompts blog.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.

Created with Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. I did this one for fun and not for sale, but please click through the image to see my other artwork. Thanks!


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Photoshop Tennis: Pop Culture Version

Photoshop Tennis - Pop Culture Version

Okay, since I’ve had a few people—including my husband David—suggest I share another Photoshop Tennis result, I’m sharing the silliest one. Can’t remember how many players we had for this game, but we ended up with an image ripe with meme-stuff and pop culture references. So. Silly.

I was wary of sharing, due to some copyright-y things in there, but since the online world is FULL of these images (I mean, one look at Tumblr, people) I figure sharing a small-sized version is fairly harmless. Top image is “before” and bottom is (obviously) “after”. This is hardly art but we had a blast with it.


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Photoshop Tennis: Before and After

Photoshop Tennis - Before and After

Speaking of image editing, there was a game my friends and I used to play involving image manipulation. We called it Photoshop Tennis but the graphics program used didn’t matter—Photoshop, Gimp, Painter, Paintshop Pro, whatever. It also didn’t matter if the players had great design skills; the point of the game was to have fun! The game went like this:

Three to six people would take turns adding and changing a base stock photo. The original image was pretty plain and we voted on it from a selection of five images before the game began. Depending on our schedules, a game could take weeks. The final image was always amusing.

The image with this post was a game played in 2010. The top was the base photo we started with and the bottom was the finished result. Good times!


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25 Gems About Me

Gems - Colorful Baubles

My friend Katie tagged me in one of those game-like blog thingees. I don’t usually do that stuff, and she gave me permission not to. No pressure and all that. However, I figured I should honor her by doing something in response to her thinking of me. Because, hey—friends are awesome.

So, I chose the ‘random facts’ part and made it longer.

25 Random Facts About Myself

1. I dictate most of my writing.
2. And a lot of that goes into a micro digital recorder first.
3. I skim magazines backwards.
4. I worked for years as pet groomer.
5. I like fast cars. Shiny fast cars.
6. Yet, I drive a ten-year-old car with over 300,000 miles on it.
7. I collect nail polish. And kooky socks.
8. From my home office, I can hear peacocks calling.
9. I eat salad like people eat potato chips: straight out of the bag.
10. I love to build things out of LEGO bricks.
11. I’m a Gemini. And married to a Gemini. We’re great at parties.
12. I like spiders. And snakes.
13. I have tumbleweeds on the porch to keep away solicitors.
14. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s or Burger King in more than a decade.
15. I’ve lost more than 60 pounds in the last decade.
16. I’ve worked in three Las Vegas casinos. Two of them have since imploded.
18. I would totally go on a vacation to the moon.
19. I have a fondness for Existentialism.
20. Someday, I want to own a sailboat.
21. I support psychedelic research.
22. I love ancient cultures and tribal societies.
23. Yet, I’m just as fascinated with artificial intelligence and future science.
24. I’ve never watched Downton Abbey or Mad Men.
25. I hoard notebooks and sketchbooks.

Am I tagging any of you? Nah, I don’t do that. But if you want to write up a ‘random facts’ list for your own blog: consider yourself tagged and go for it. We’ll all learn a bit more about each other. Cheers!


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Whut? Guessing Game!

Whut, whut. Image by David Gadient, 2013.

My husband David snapped this picture recently. Can you guess what it is?

[Next-Day Update] Here’s what it is: Bob’s Big Boy.

Well, the first picture was his rear end!

We found him in a vintage Americana shop at Barrett-Jackson, along with tons of other old items from restaurants and gas stations. Yep, he was for sale! Not sure of the price. Wonder if anyone bought him? He was about twice our height.

Big Boy


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The Cupcakeet. A parakeet and cupcake hybrid graphic design.

I was talking to my mother online the other day and she made the cutest typo. She said that she had gotten some cupcakeets. Of course, she meant cupcakes… but I immediately imagined a cupcake-parakeet hybrid.

And yeah—I got silly and made one while I was still chatting with her.

Vanilla and strawberry, with a touch of cherry!


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Lists and Questions

Questions: question mark graphic

After being off the grid for the last two weeks of 2012, I find myself in a new year and ready to get started again. Resolutions? Eh. I have goals and I attack them no matter what day it is. I make lists all the time. I scribble in notebooks. I even have a digital recorder I babble into. My brain buzzes with more noise than the average person. Not just work stuff or writing stuff, but all kinds of stuff. I write down things like have lunch. I’m an OCD list-maker.

I don’t need another list on my list. Well, I might do it later…

However, I do have exciting plans for 2013, creatively speaking, and I’m looking forward to working on projects both big and small. I love what I do.

So. Last year, I began posting by alphabet. I’m starting 2013 at… Q.

Oh yeah. Easy one. Riiiiight. Um.

Wait. Yeah. Okay, I got one. Something that shows you the kind of person that I am. My favorite game:


You might have played it. It’s great for parties. Best with wine at parties. Each person asks a question, which must be replied to as a question, which is then followed by a question. Just questions, hence the name. You go back and forth—in question form—as long as you can… without making a foul.

How do you foul? First: you reply with a statement, which is darn well not a question, so shame on you! Or you take too long or burp or mumble instead of coming out with a question: hesitation. Tsk, naughty. You also can’t reply to any question with the same or synonymous question—that’s repetition!

On top of those fouls, you can’t reply with a non sequitur or rhetoric.

Harder than you think. Deliciously fun, especially boozled.

Classic example of the game is shown in the play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Scored like tennis. Movie version (with Gary Oldman and Tim Roth) is fun to watch too: click here for the two-minute scene of the game.

You might also be familiar with the game from the show Whose Line is it Anyway?where they buzz the foulers out for statements.

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions. – Anthony Jay

One of these days, I should start a Google+ Hangout for a game of Questions. Maybe I’ll add that to a list for 2013. Another list item will have to be one of sj’s Drinkalongs. Once Fringe is over, I’ll need something to fill my Friday nights.

Peter: You brought your own sweetener?
Walter: Don’t be ridiculous. My medication.
Peter: You’re not on any medication, Walter.
Walter: Of course I am. I’ve been making it myself in the lab.
Peter: Oh, I wish you were joking.


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