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November Box of Art Snacks

Red Tree WIP by Karen Gadient, 2015

Received my little box of art supplies from Art Snacks this week. Since I’m having a ‘sick day’ weekend―I’m getting better, but still nursing congestion and a wicked cough―I figured I’d play around with it.

Once again, there’s only one color in the box. It’s a matte red acrylic paint. Reminds me of gouache, actually, which I use often. With the paint is a Liquitex ‘freestyle’ brush. I have one of these, only larger. The little one is very cute! They’re sturdy brushes and I’m glad to get another to add to my brush collection.

There’s also a Blackwing pencil. I’m admittedly a pencil fan, so this was nice to get, even if I tend to use Blackwings more for writing. Lastly, there’s a Japanese brush pen that I’ve never heard of before: Kuretake Fudegokochi. It’s nice, but not waterproof, so it was tricky to use with the paint.

So, I made a red tree. It’s not much as it is, but… you know, when I feel better, I might add layers of other things to it later and jazz it up a bit.

I’m going to try another month and then decide if I want to continue. Who wants to bet that December has at least two colors? Probably red and green. 😉

Hope your weekend has been a relaxing one!

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Black Cats and Art Snacks

Black Cat by Karen Gadient, 2015

Black Cat. Ink, colored pencil, and graphite on smooth bristol paper.

This month, I received my first Art Snacks box. Art Snacks is a monthly art supplies package, similar to the beauty and treat boxes that are so popular now.

I decided to give it a try because I no longer had other subscriptions. David and I had enjoyed our Vegan Cuts snack box, but treats often melted in transit (it’s over 100 degrees here for months on end), so we cancelled. In fact, the heat was the reason I stopped getting beauty boxes too: lots of melted makeup.

So, Art Snacks arrived with Halloween candy. Which melted! Shocking―not. However, the art supplies hadn’t melted, because they were mostly pens and pencils, a nice watercolor brush, plus a bottle of ink.

The little card that came with the supplies encouraged the use of all products in the box to make an original piece of art. David would have had me do it anyway, because he suggested the idea before I’d even read the card!

So… here you have it: a black cat for Halloween. Which seemed ideal, given that everything in the box was black―except one colored pencil, which was orange.

I’ll be trying the box again for November and making something with whatever I get. Hoping for more color next time. It’s a fun box for artsy types!

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