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Downpour by Karen Gadient, 2017

Downpour. Acrylic on canvas.

It’s been monsoon season here in Arizona; the humidity has gone up and the rain has been coming down. While I loathe the heat of summer here, I admit that I love monsoon rainstorms―even with their occasional haboobs―enough to put up with the crazy temperatures. How’s the weather where you are?

The rain is falling all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.
― Robert Louis Stevenson

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TGIF: Valiant

Valiant by Karen Gadient, 2016

Time for another “FingerPaintingFriday”: a bit of color in honor of our veterans. Finger-painted stripes over watercolor stars.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. 🙂

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Cultivate Kindness

Cultivate Kindness by Karen Gadient, 2016

Cultivate Kindness. Watercolor and digital design. I started this design for myself, to display near my computer, but I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with others. There can never be too much kindness in the world. These days, there seems to be a shortage―so it’s a good idea to spread it around.

Hope you’re having a great week!

I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.
― Rudyard Kipling

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Poetry by Alison Luterman: ‘I Confess’

Braided Hair

About a decade ago, I found this poem and wrote it down to tuck it into my old poetry book (where I’ve stored scraps of poetry since I was a child). Since I’ve recently re-discovered it, I wanted to share it with you.

Please check out Alison Luterman‘s site and admire the rest of her work!

I Confess
by Alison Luterman

I stalked her
in the grocery store: her crown
of snowy braids held in place by a great silver clip,
her erect bearing, radiating tenderness,
the way she placed yogurt and avocadoes in her basket,
beaming peach like the North Star.
I wanted to ask “What aisle did you find
your serenity in, do you know
how to be married for fifty years, or how to live alone,
excuse me for interrupting, but you seem to possess
some knowledge that makes the earth burn and turn on its axis—”
but we don’t request such things from strangers
nowadays. So I said, “I love your hair.”


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KarPaiTwenMo 3 : Art Marathon

KarPaiTwenMo 3: 2015 by Karen Gadient, 2015

While the writing world wrestles with NaNoWriMo, I’m going to spend November the way I did the for previous two years: creating twenty different pieces of artwork for your enjoyment. 🙂

I call it ‘KarPaiTwenMo‘ (Karen Paints Twenty in a Month). Five per week.

Actually, despite keeping the marathon name and hashtag―it’ll be 28 this year; I won’t be counting Finger Painting Friday or #KaleidoSaturday (you can check out that tag on Twitter to see more) and I’ll still be doing those.

I’ll try to keep up this year and have it all posted in a timely manner!

Best of luck to all of you participating in NaNoWriMo―and a successful November to everyone, no matter what your plans and goals are. Have fun and keep the coffee pot brewing!


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Halloween: Colorful Pumpkin

Colorful Pumpkin by Karen Gadient, 2015

We’d gotten a cheerful orange pumpkin with plans to carve it, only―being in a different state―we missed the family carving event. So, I painted it.

The first two layers of yellow gouache didn’t quite do the trick, so I added layers of yellow and gold acrylic, which didn’t have the effect I wanted either. So, naturally… I decided to go nuts and splatter-paint the whole thing. Which actually worked out well and now it’s a bright addition to our Halloween decor. For now. Next week, it’ll be pie. 😉

Did you carve or paint a pumpkin this year? Have you ever done so?

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Free Your Spirit

Free Your Spirit by Karen Gadient, 2015

Vector design inspired by the words of a dear friend.

You’re not meant to be bottled up.

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