About Karen

Karen Gadient as a young artist.

I proudly live each day as an artist, following in the paintbrush strokes of my parents. It’s what they would have wanted, and it turns out it’s what my soul needs to be happy. I use my mother’s easel, as well as her palette knives and brushes. I use my father’s ink nibs, all of which are older than I am. For palettes and water bowls, I use plates and cups that my mother and I found together at thrift stores. I don’t feel that I create alone; they’re with me.

In my art, I channel my ideas and emotions into color and the visual expression of sound. I have sound-color synesthesia; I’ve spent much of my life rarely sharing that fact, due to other kids thinking I was weird when I was young. However, my loving and encouraging husband-and-best friend, David, has been slowly getting me to mention it to others. That said, I tend to paint in silence, because it gets in the way. It gets in the way of a lot of things—like movies and enjoying a meal in a noisy restaurant. But it’s inspiring too, especially when considering what colors to use in a painting.

Beyond color and sound, my work is inspired by possibilities, especially relating to the interconnectedness of the universe, both as science suggests it and as imagination envisions it. I believe that we are all linked by the strands of an ethereal web, whose fibers reach beyond time, place, and even what we see as reality. And yes, since many people have asked upon reading that: I’m very much a fan of Doctor Who.

I’m also particularly obsessed with the oceans, seas, and nearly everything aquatic, including sailing and navigation. Water, taking up so much of our world and our bodies themselves, often plays a symbolic part in my work.

Outside of that: I love to lurk in libraries, surround myself with classical music, enjoy daily crosswords, indulge in healthy vegan cooking, and drink entirely too much tea. I’m a native of New Jersey, married to a native Minnesotan. We live in sunny Arizona, in a house on the edge of Phoenix.

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