Ardvreck Castle

Ardvreck Castle by Karen Gadient, 2018

Time for a few more photos from our Scotland trip in May/June…

On our way from Ullapool to Durness, we spent time exploring the area near Ardvreck Castle, which was built in the 16th century by the Macleods of Assynt. It’s really what’s left of a larger fortress and mostly part of a defensive wall.

Calda House by David Gadient, 2018

This nearby structure is called the Calda House, built in the early 1700s (possibly with stone taken from the castle) by the MacKenzies when they felt that living at the castle wasn’t to their liking.

Loch Assynt by David Gadient, 2018

Loch Assynt, from the castle ruins.

Loch Assynt by Karen Gadient, 2018

Another view of Loch Assynt. Although it was a somewhat drizzly and cloudy day, it was a wonderful place to walk around.


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4 responses to “Ardvreck Castle

  1. looks like a wonderful,
    holiday into the foggy
    past πŸ™‚

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