More Scotland Photos

Scotland by Karen Gadient, 2018

Still going through our photos―most are David’s, some are mine―from our long trip in Scotland and I’m only at the start of our Northwest Highlands journey. So, here are a few from near or within Shieldaig and Ullapool. The first three photos, I believe (allergies starting kicking in right about here and left my mind foggy for the rest of the trip), were on the way to Shieldaig, somewhere near Lochcarron.

Scotland by David Gadient, 2018

Scotland View by David Gadient, 2018

Shieldaig Sunset by Karen Gadient, 2018

The sunset was in Shieldaig. We were out there for the whole thing, after having a pint at one of the local restaurant-pubs. And then the midges joined us! We thought a photographer down near the water was waving at us at one point… but it turns out he was just batting away midges. We got some midge spray ASAP, for whatever good it did. But Shieldaig is a gorgeous place, midges or not.

Sheepy Garden by David Gadient, 2018

The garden with the sheep was the scene outside our window while we washed the morning dishes. Not a baaaaad view.

Headed to Ullapool by David Gadient, 2018

The last photo is the view as you reach Ullapool. I loved it there and hope to go back one day―although via a more direct route than the tricky road through Applecross, which is breathtaking, but narrow enough in parts that if (for us, when) a large vehicle tries to pass on a cliffy hairpin single-track, your breath is taken away from exasperation and panic. David did great, but I tend to freak out. Glad we did the whole drive, but we’re totally taking the A835 next time. If you love a driving adventure, be sure to try every last bit of the North Coast 500!


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7 responses to “More Scotland Photos

  1. That sunset is miraculous!

  2. Nice gallery. really want to go there one day!

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