Scotland Near Glencoe by David Gadient, 2018

Sharing a few photos when I can. Many of them will be David’s, although some will be mine. While in Scotland, we drove the North Coast 500, which we’d only seen the eastern side of in 2016. On the way to Inverness from Glasgow, we took the same route as last time so we could revisit the falls in Glencoe. Here are two photos from David’s collection on a cloudy-but-lovely day.

Falls Glencoe by David Gadient, 2018


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8 responses to “Glencoe

  1. Wendy Fillmore

    Beautiful! I am envious. 😊

  2. Lovely atmospheric photos. We’ve just returned from 30 days of sunshine in a 32 day trip in Scotland, but the weather doesn’t have to be good for the scenery to be beautiful. It just adds drama to the scene. 🙂

    • It does! Much of our trip, and the previous trip, was sunshine and quite warm weather. I don’t mind the clouds, but storms or fog can interfere with travel plans between islands.

  3. My husband is from Scotland and we lived near Edinburgh for a year. It’s a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!


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