More Scotland Travels

Passing Places by David Gadient, 2018

My husband David and I have just returned from three weeks in Scotland, visiting places we were happy to see again—especially Orkney—as well as exploring new areas we hadn’t been to on our first trip two years ago (scroll down a bit to see all posts). We were also lucky to spend time with friends over meals and drinks. I don’t plan on making a day-by-day series of blog posts about this trip, but I’ll be glad to share a few photos once I regain a sense of local time. Hope you’re having a great week!


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12 responses to “More Scotland Travels

  1. Marvelous! I’m so happy you were able to spend such a long amount of time there. Looking forward to your pictures, Karen.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I will post some photos when I have the energy. I had some pretty bad hayfever when I was there, and now jetlag seems to be hanging on, but it was a wonderful trip.

  2. I remember your posts from last time – was it really two years ago? How time flies.

  3. how wonderful
    hearing of
    this inspiring
    travel 🙂

  4. Lovely. We hope to go there one day!

    • It’s a wonderful place. And you’d love the vegan food in Glasgow (it’s not too difficult to manage as a vegan in Scotland, in general, actually). We look forward to visiting Belgium one day too!

  5. Lovely photo, making me want to get straight back inner motorhome and head north, having just returned from a month in the Outer Hebrides. 🙂

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