Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity by Karen Gadient, 2017

Mistaken Identity. Acrylic and digital mixed media.

Also, I’ve been doing Inktober on Twitter. You can take a look here: keyrover.

I believe half the unhappiness in life comes from people being afraid to go straight at things. ― William J. Locke

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Filed under Acrylic, Art, Color, Digital Artwork, Mixed Media, Painting, Quotes

9 responses to “Mistaken Identity

  1. As usual, your art is beautiful, but I think I disagree with today’s quote. I think it’s way more than half the unhappiness in life. I’d estimate it’s 80 to 90%.

  2. I absolutely love the colors in this one!

    Also, I’m so sorry I have been basically MIA from the blogosphere. Things have been shifting and changing so I got knocked off balance. Things are finally settling down so I should be able to keep up better now. 😀

  3. I like this one very much Karen

  4. I’m refreshed by the art piece—it has a depth that’s worth staying with for a while. And I’m affirmed by the Locke quote. Thanks Karen!

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