Autumn by Karen Gadient, 2016

Autumn. Colored pencil and ink combined with digital mixed media.

October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter. ― Nova Bair

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Filed under Art, Color, Colored Pencil, Ink, Landscape, Mixed Media, Nature, Painting, Quotes

29 responses to “Autumn

  1. Bright and glowing…just like autumn colors!!!

  2. The colors glow and that tree is just wonderful!

  3. Lovely colour combination, Karen

  4. That is stunning. I just love your sense of color Karen.

  5. Wow, I really Love this one!!! So vibrant!

  6. so vibrant…throws that fall color right into my eyeballs 🙂

  7. My favourite time of year, you have captured it well

  8. To be blunt, this is quite simply beautiful! xo Harlon

  9. You’ve captured the colors so well. A pleasure to look at.

  10. This is very appealing! I would never have thought pinky purple would go so well with orange, but it does, looks striking, and very elegant too! 🙂

  11. in567

    I can sense the fresh air! Love this one!

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