Scotland: Glasgow to Gills Bay

Highlands View by David Gadient, 2016

Halfway through our Scotland trip last month, we got a rental car, had a yummy farewell lunch at Mono, and got to know our dubious new friend, the GPS (who later misguided us or just faded away on more than one occasion) as we headed out of Glasgow. Since David was driving and I’m not much of a shutterbug, especially while in a moving car, there aren’t many pictures of our driving days.

On a different side of the road than we’re accustomed to, we drove up past Loch Lomand and kept going. Along the way, we stopped twice, once for the sheer greenery of the view, and again when we reached Glencoe―as the GPS (we had begun to call her “Evil Siri“) directed us off and onto our first single-track road, where we got a luckily-not-crash course in passing places. Since we needed a stop and a turn around, we went further down the road and ended up at the Clachaig Inn. We went inside for a break, and I noticed a sign there: No Hawkers or Campbells. Glad neither of us are Campbells! History lesson here (with mention of the Clachaig Inn at the end): These Terrible Historical Events Inspired Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding.

Glencoe Driving by David Gadient, 2016

From there, we ignored Evil Siri and got back on the A82, where we were led past Loch Lochy (aye, really) and Loch Ness (didn’t see Nessie, but didn’t expect to) and finally reached Inverness, where we spent a lovely stay at Carbisdale B&B, which we highly recommend, if you happen to be in Inverness; we stayed there again on the trip back and hope to return.

Inverness Sunset by Karen Gadient, 2016

The next morning, we enjoyed a lovely vegan breakfast, cooked by Wilma and served by Colin, and chit-chatted with other guests while admiring the bird-filled garden. Then we were off northwards. We stopped at The Storehouse of Foulis for some tea and to take in the view of the Cromarty Firth. Worth noting on the entire trip so far: no rain. Just wonderful weather.

Foulis Tea by David Gadient, 2016

When we got far enough to feel comfortable with our schedule to meet the ferry to Orkney (the reason for the drive), we made other stops. One was in Wick, at The Alexander Bain, which not only offered a wide selection of beer, but some veg-friendly items on the menu. At the time we were in Scotland, all the news was about the Referendum, and this pub was papered in material to help make a decision. Most people we met during our time in Scotland didn’t feel that leaving the EU was a grand idea, and their final vote reflects that sentiment.

EUwetherspoon by Karen Gadient, 2016

As we neared the ferry, we still had more time, so we stopped at The Castle of Mey and got a look at our second castle so far plus a relaxing view of the tip of Scotland before boarding the ferry that would bring us over to Orkney.

Mey View by David Gadient, 2016

Thurso by David Gadient, 2016

Finally, we got to the ferry. We parked our car in the line to board, and had a cuppa tea. I’ve always wanted to see Orkney, so this is where the trip gets bucket-list for me. Might take me a while to sort out how to post about it, but I will!

FerryToOrkney by David Gadient, 2016


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23 responses to “Scotland: Glasgow to Gills Bay

  1. Splendid pictures and post! The weather was perfect–I’m so glad for you. πŸ™‚

  2. The Scottish version of Brexit–what tumultuous times for Europe.

  3. Weavernw

    I weave tartan for a living. I’ve been loving your travels

  4. What a wonderful post! Loved it.

  5. It’s so beautiful, the Conservatoire were up in the Orkney Islands the following week with a big production Hansel and Gretel it’s a shame it didn’t coincide.

    • I saw their tweets during the St Magnus Festival and recalled you mentioning the production. But your schedule has been so busy! I’m glad we had the chance to meet for tea! ❀

  6. Lovely post!

    Too bad they didn’t do a better job at educating the Brits about Brexit, huh?

  7. Jay

    It’s all so picturesque!

  8. Lovely post Karen and a wonderful trip. I remember the views well, but I haven’t been to Orkney yet! My son and his wife’s family have a holiday there every year, they , love it so much. You were very lucky with the weather and veggie food. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

  9. Good to see more of your holiday!! πŸ™‚ Oh, those evil sat navs!!! 😐 Even taxi drivers where I live can be lead astray by those too, and that’s a driver who knows most of the city like the back of their hand, but just the occasional road or lane is not listed, then they can’t find the address.

    I love the castle in the background…castles and tea…a mix of two favourite things! Can’t believe you missed all the rain…you got very lucky indeed!! πŸ˜€

    • It was our first experience using a sat nav, and… it was mostly helpful, but occasionally odd, directing us down narrow roads leading to nothing but cows–mind you, Highland ‘coos’, which was lovely, so not really complaining. πŸ˜€ Aye, we had such perfect weather!

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