Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Gardens by David Gadient, 2016

We spent most of our second day in Glasgow at the Botanic Gardens. It was perfect sunny weather and lots of people had come out to enjoy the day. If we lived in Glasgow, this is a place we’d go to every week. I love our Desert Botanical Garden, but the high temperatures in Phoenix make it difficult to enjoy a walk there in summer. So this was a real pleasure. Plus: so much green!

Glasgow Botanic Flowers by David Gadient, 2016

We explored all of the buildings too, which were free to enter. We really enjoyed The Kibble Palace (nifty 360° views at that link), and we nearly had it to ourselves, probably due to the humidity inside―which, while heavy, was a pleasant change for us, with so little humidity back home.

Kibble Palace by David Gadient, 2016

The variety of plants inside the buildings is amazing. There’s even a section of desert plants―a bit of Arizona in Scotland. Of course, we didn’t take pictures of those, since we have heaps of them here, but David snapped quite a few shots of other, less familiar-to-us, plants.

Glasgow Botanic Plants by David Gadient, 2016

Elsewhere in the Gardens, we found the abandoned railway station. We could look down to the platform area below, but the beauty was at our level.

Abandoned Underground by David Gadient, 2016

There was also part of the West End Festival on display: The Ideal Hut Show. Colorful and clever sheds by artists and designers. This isn’t even all of them. Kids and adults alike were having fun examining these little pieces of architecture―such a fun outdoor installation!

Ideal Hut Show by David Gadient, 2016

We took a wide walk to cover the entire Garden, and were greeted by plenty of pigeons and squirrels. The squirrels were particularly gregarious; David made friends with one while we stopped at a bench.

Squirrel by David Gadient, 2016

If you’re ever in Glasgow, be sure to check out the Botanic Gardens. It’s an oasis in the West End and a wonderful way to spend some hours.


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19 responses to “Glasgow Botanic Gardens

  1. Jay

    Your trip pictures have been wonderful but from your words I’m confident it’s even better in person!

  2. Wow! Great pictures!

  3. So lovely in the summer sun! Stunning! Love the hut show too~

  4. What a wonderful place! Thank you for sharing it.

  5. All gorgeous but particularly enjoyed the sheds…

  6. I love the Botanical gardens 🌺 great photos

  7. I’m also a fan of botanical gardens. Nice photos and description. The glass domes really make the place look special.

  8. Looks like a fabulous place! Love those huts too – what a cool display.

  9. I took a little virtual tour….spun around too much, ended up dizzy…fun though! I’m amazed you enjoyed the humidity! I went to a botanical garden in Cambridge in the 80’s when my grandmother lived there, oohhh…the humidity…..made me feel very unwell, I panicked in the end and had to make a fast exit for some air. It was my grandmothers favourite serene place to visit…she wasn’t impressed with my severe intolerance to humidity! 😦

    I wonder if the railway station brought people direct to the gardens? Or have they extended the gardens into the railway station? Not the kind of thing you expect to find in a botanical garden…fascinating!

    Love the little sheds, I miss having a shed. I’d be happy to have the blue police box in my yard. I’d be tempted to have tea in a shed like that. 😉 Did you see any real police call boxes when you were in Scotland. I think there are few left, more in Scotland than anywhere else.

  10. We weren’t in the humidity too long, so I managed. Plus we were surrounded by plants and some shade. I feel sad that you have a bad garden memory!

    I think the station served the gardens, but it was only open for two decades and was permanently closed after WWII.

    Can’t say I saw a real police box (and sadly, I didn’t run into The Doctor), but we did find this one for tea on the way to Queen Street Station:

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