Our First Day in Glasgow

Airplane Wing by David Gadient, 2016

For the first day in Scotland, we didn’t take many photos, due to being utterly exhausted. We’d been on three different planes and had gotten no sleep; the longest flight had several very unhappy babies directly behind us, and not even earplugs and Bose headsets could drown out the noise.

Oh. And I had been struggling with the flu for the week before the trip and was still a bit sick with congestion. I pretty much lived on cough drops and pain killers to get through the flights. You do whatcha gotta, right?

So! We arrived in Glasgow around noon, having been awake for a long time―and the plan was to remain awake to adapt to the time difference. The day of arrival was David’s birthday. I had made a reservation months earlier at the Red Onion and, despite being tired (and, for me, somewhat sick)… we went. Of course!

Sadly, I was too out of it to more deeply appreciate the amazing three-course meal. No pictures (apologies to my dear Tanya for not letting the camera “eat first” for so many meals of this trip). But, trust me―if you’re in Glasgow and have a chance to go to the Red Onion: GO. Whether you’re vegan like us, flexitarian, or full-on carnivore, you’ll love the place. Next time we visit, we’ll make our reservation for later in the trip, so we’re more alert!

Our hotel―Grand Central Hotel―gave us a wonderful room and had the most awesome of staircases, complete with the most awesome of chandeliers.

Grand Staircase by David Gadient by David Gadient, 2016

Room service breakfast was glorious and just the thing for us to start our day.

Grand Breakfast by Karen Gadient, 2016

The second day, we were still tired―but ready to take on some serious walking. My next blog entry will have more photos, because we spent a perfect day at the Botanic Gardens, happily basking in the warm sun with the locals.


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18 responses to “Our First Day in Glasgow

  1. LOVE the staircase!! Hope you start to feel better soon – looking forward to more posts – we have plans for Scotland next year (hopefully). M

    • Feeling better now, thanks! Oh, you’ll love exploring Scotland. 🙂 You’re from New Zealand? We’re hoping to visit there on one of our next trips. Now, that’ll be a long flight!

      • That’s good to hear you’re feeling better! I was sick a few years back while in America – doesn’t fair well for seeing things or being that happy lol. YEP based in New Zealand – hate the long flights to pretty much anywhere other than Australia :L. Let me know when you do come over this way – I can give you tips on places to see (and in Australia – seen pretty much all of there as well :O)

        • Truth. Getting sick while/just before traveling is awful. You must be an expert on long flights. 😀 I need to find a way to sleep on a flight… even taking a sleeping pill didn’t work last time–maddening! Australia is also on our to-travel list, as we have friends and even a relative or two there.

        • Sleeping pills don’t won’t on me either – well not until I relax… Which is generally when we arrive at where ever we are going too lol. I always try and book over night flights and a few days beforehand I start getting up at 4am-ish – by night time I am sooooo tried I fall asleep before hitting the pillow – works a treat on long flights most times for me.

  2. How wonderful! This reminds me I’m ready for a vacation.

  3. Very cool indeed, glad they treated you well!

  4. Gorgeous chandelier. Luv the shot from the airplane. Made me want to jump out…don’t ask me why!

  5. Really happy to see someone use the word flexitarian.

  6. What an amazing shot of that stairwell and chandelier! Too bad planes don’t have an “adults only” section.

    • I remember reading that some airlines have (or were considering) ‘family zone’ seating, but I read that a while ago and I’m not sure if it’s a real thing now. Not a bad idea, though.

  7. Why does flu always come to get us when we are about to have fun?! 😐 I find that happens so often. I’m glad it didn’t ruin your adventures in Scotland.

    Thanks for the tip on the Red Onion, I love the sound of that – quirky, unforgettable name indeed!! 😀

    The hotel looks wonderful…you stayed in class! The stairway makes me think of Harry Potter, and the chandelier – wow – very impressive!! That must be a real pain to keep clean and cobweb free?

    Love your fruity breakfast! 😉

    • Recovering from the flu made the first half of the trip challenging, but at least I was well enough to travel. I’ve still got chest congestion; these things take forever to go away. We hadn’t considered how they must clean the chandelier–must be quite a process indeed! Oh, the breakfast also had plenty of toast (still tucked in bags in the picture), and I love toast. 😀

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