Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport

Reykjavik Sink by Karen Gadient, 2016

Before I get to our time in Scotland, I want to mention Reykjavík, since we had a stop there both coming and going. It’s a strange but kinda nifty airport, and definitely different than any other I’ve been to so far.

It’s got free wifi and a large self-service cafe (that actually had food for us, and as vegans, we were impressed and grateful). When you get off a flight, it can get confusing if the place is crowded. We almost stood in a long line we didn’t need to get in; seems the long line upstairs is only for those needing to get through customs. Or something. Took us a while to decide we could move.

There’s a good chance you’ll be standing-bused from the airport to your plane, then climb mobile airstairs to get onto the plane. Also, they hold flights until all passengers are on: which, for us, meant an extra hour waiting on the runway for three other flights to send passengers over. Can’t say we loved that, but it’s the right thing to do. Icelanders are pleasant people, so that helped.

BUT the real thing I wanted to post about was the toilets. They were like Ikea’s secret bunker, equipped by Dyson. Individual rooms (toilet and sink) for stalls, and these crazy faucet-dryers. The faucet-dryers seemed awesome at first glance, but got wacky when you tried to use them, especially if you wanted to wash your face or brush your teeth.

You can rinse a lather or gargle and end up somehow getting soap or toothpaste all over the walls, ceiling, and yourself. Which caused a lot of ladies and kids in the place to scream and giggle. Honestly, it was hilarious. Smart design, yet… well, not that practical. But hilarious to listen to everyone go mad over them.

So, if you’re in Reykjavík: go wash your face and dry your hands. It’s memorable.

We should return one day to see volcanos, glaciers, and auroras (none of which, sadly, you can see from the airport). 🙂


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12 responses to “Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport

  1. Adam Morris

    Wow… I can only manage trying to brush my teeth in that… sounds almost as bad as airports where you need both hands to push on the tap, and the water stays on for like 2 seconds… still the individual stalls sound nice!

    • It was pretty crazy trying to brush my teeth and wash my face in that sink. I think it was designed only for washing hands, but that’s not terribly useful in an international airport where some of us have been flying for hours and want to freshen up! True, though… the individual stalls were cool. 🙂

  2. Never thought I’d be excited to see an airport bathroom… but it sounds awesome lol

  3. Probably the most fun spent in a bathroom 🙂 This trip sounds amazing Karen!

  4. Oh wow, that’s crazy cool.

  5. I’ve never heard of an airport where the planes wait for the passengers…wow, that must be a rarity! Most airline companies are pretty, mean actually. Two minutes late, plane is still there, but no, you can’t get on…you’re late. 😐

    That does sound like the funniest way to brush your teeth and get dry! There are some strange inventions on hand dryers at the moment. I love the fast hand dryers they seem to have everywhere now, but they do have a tendency to flick water droplets in your face, or worse, in someone else’s face as they walk by the hand dryer! 😉

    • Icelanders are different–and in a good way. Nice folks, even with the crazy sinks at the airport. 😀 There were a lot of those high-powered hand dryers in Scotland too, but none that also had a sink attached to them!

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