Scotland Travels

Scot2016 by Karen Gadient, 2016, 2015

A short update, since I didn’t manage to post anything else this week:

We’ve been in Scotland for the last two weeks―which has been beyond wonderful. My first trip overseas, in fact. While our trip probably wasn’t the usual Highlands itinerary (we spent half of our time in Glasgow, with a day in Edinburgh, and two stops in Inverness as we drove up and back for the ferry to Orkney, which was our base for the rest of our time), it was one of my personal dream trips and I was glad that David was eager to follow me―and do the driving for the half of trip where we weren’t train-and-bus-ing it.

The weather was beyond perfect for the majority of the trip, and we had the joy of basking in the sun with the locals (without the hellish burn―114ºF/46°C―that we left back home). We were also delighted to have tea with Charlotte Hoather while in Glasgow; she’s got a very busy schedule, so it was a honor to spend a Saturday afternoon with her.

I’ll share more photos and rambling later, if there’s interest. But right now… I’m exhausted! I’d expected that jet lag going east to west wouldn’t be as difficult to bear, but I haven’t been able to switch back eight hours to Arizona time. Zzz.


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29 responses to “Scotland Travels

  1. Can wait to see more pics! Glad you had such a great time.

  2. What fun. I can’t believe it’s that hot where you live.

  3. Wow, have a great time! Get some rest – but yes more photos of Scotland – when you can!

  4. Enjoy your trip Karen. I look forward to seeing more photos.

    • Thanks, Rich! We’re actually already home, but I’m too tired for thinking and didn’t write the clearest post. 🙂 Will give it a few days before going though photos. David took some fantastic shots!

  5. Karen, please do share pictures! I LOVE Scotland and would appreciate your pictures. I used to live in Thurso –Orkney is a beautiful place. It’s all beautiful up there. Good for you–a proper vacation.

    • Wonderful! We were in Thurso. Also, while on Westray, we met a couple who lived in Thurso. Scotland truly is a beautiful place, and Orkney holds a special spot in my heart.

      • I am glad you are enjoying yoursekf. It’s 113 today….

        • Oh, we’re back in Phoenix and enjoying (ha ha) that heat too. I didn’t write the post very clearly due to jet lag–which seems to have hit me far more than David–and I gave the impression to several friends that we were still in Scotland. Wish we were! I miss the cool air and wind.

  6. travel envy
    I’ve always wanted
    to visit Scotland

  7. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip to my home country 🙂

  8. So glad you guys had a good time!!! Would love to see pictures when you catch up from the jet lag!

  9. Yay…you made the big trip!! 😀 Well done, so pleased to hear the good weather was in Scotland specially for you! We certainly haven’t had many sunny days for weeks in East Anglia, so it makes sense all the good weather was caught up in Scotland. We rarely have the same weather conditions at the same time. And so lovely you met one of your blog friends on the way too! So how was the food?

    I hope you’re feeling more rested now. It’s often the case that dream holidays leave everyone thrilled they went..but sooo tired! I felt like that after going to Spain, and it wasn’t a time issue at all, just had so much fun I was exhausted! 😀 Still, it’s the best kind of exhausted, better than stress anyway.

    • Really, we had perfect weather with us until perhaps the last day… and we welcomed the rain seeing us off, as we knew we wouldn’t have it when we got home. 😉 The food was awesome (including the meals I cooked during self-catering, of course–but restaurants fed us very well, too). Will be posting some photos soonish!

  10. It was lovely meeting you both Karen and catching up with your blog 😊

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