Jubilant by Karen Gadient, 2015

Jubilant. Pastel on red pastel paper. Some artwork I did just for the joy of it.

Wishing you a very happy new year!

Happiness is a form of courage. ― Holbrook Jackson

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Filed under Art, Color, Creativity, Journal, Pastel, Sketchbook

14 responses to “Jubilant

  1. Love the artwork and the quotation too….it is indeed a form of courage. Happy New Year, Karen!

  2. Beautiful artwork. I appreciate the quote as well!

  3. Wow, this is so cool! Happy New Year!

  4. Love the look of texture! Happy New Year! Hope you are(were) staying warm in Minnesota. We had lots of sleet yesterday and some snow.


  5. HA!

    this work started to appear on my screen and before I read the title I was already smiling and feeling all happy. Love it, thanks! HA!

  6. A joyful expression of art! My Youtube and Instagram name is “4 the joy of it” πŸ˜€

    Happy New Year!!

    ❀ carmen

  7. Love the colours. Happy New Year πŸ™‚

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