Cloudburst : KarPaiTwenMo 3 Art Marathon #20

Cloudburst by Karen Gadient, 2015

Cloudburst. Watercolor, ink, and digital mixed media.

Finally… the last piece in my art marathon! And just in time, since December starts tomorrow. Thanks for following along. 🙂

I hope all of you who participated in a creative event this month―whether NaNoWriMo or your own challenge―had an enjoyable and successful time. Here’s to a fun and stress-free end of the year!

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
― William Feather

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23 responses to “Cloudburst : KarPaiTwenMo 3 Art Marathon #20

  1. planetchroma

    This is my favorite one!

  2. Wow! Do all of those colours actually exist?

  3. You’ve done incredibly well and some lovely work has sprung from your marathon… I also love the snowfall on your blog… Beautiful! I bet you’ll need an extra-strong coffee and a lie-down at the end of it all! With love, Maxine 🙂

    • Thank you, Maxine! Yes, I’m going to take it slow blog-wise this month… too much to do offline, as well. The snow is a feature in WordPress settings–you just tick the box and it snows until January. 🙂

      • Have a brilliant time Karen! I shall have a look for the snow in WordPress settings, it’s so effective. Mind you, we’re having a beautiful sunny day in the UK’s East Midlands today, so I don’t want to tempt Fate! I might turn it on a bit nearer to Christmas! 😁

        • I listen to a UK radio stream every day, so I hear your weather reports… I agree, best to not think of colder weather until it’s actually there! Here, it’s chilly for Arizona, but there’s little chance of snow where I live. 🙂

        • Absolutely! We’ll know we’re in trouble if there’s snow in Arizona! 😀

        • We get lots of snow in northern Arizona, actually–they ski up there. And rarely, some here in the Phoenix area. When that happens, it’s the big news of the day! 😀

        • I forget just how big the US is. I bet the whole UK would fit into Arizona and of course, the weather is different! In Scotland this week, they have had quite hard few days of snow, while we southerners are still enjoying sunshine! I expect it’s much warmer in Phoenix though! Thanks Karen, it’s lovely to hear what it’s like where you live. I’ve never visited the US and it’s great to get a picture of it from you. I listen to some US radio streams as well. It’s great to drop into another country from time to time isn’t it? Have a wonderful weekend and keep painting 😀

        • I’d never thought about it, so I went to look… turns out Arizona is bigger than the UK. Crazy! I grew up in New Jersey, which is a much smaller state, about the size of Wales. Yes, it’s fun listening to radio from other countries–for music, weather, and traffic reports. 🙂

        • Wow! It’s amazing! I had no idea that New Jersey was small like lovely Wales, but Arizona is a biggie, that’s for sure! 😀

  4. I see/feel a southwest monsoon in there 🙂

  5. Your last and very colourful piece from your art marathon – congratulations in keeping the creative flow going. 🙂 Don’t know how you did that!! Will be passing by again in January/February when I return, but I shall keep in contact with the emails, will write soon. I hope you and your lovely man have a great Christmas dear Karen, and I’ll make a wish for some snow for you – so you’ll be nice and cool! 😀

  6. Love the color combinations used in this piece. Its very beautiful. I especially love the delicate streaks you’ve incorporated into some of the areas. Great work!

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