Magnetic Flow

Magnetic Flow by Karen Gadient, 2015

Magnetic Flow. Digitally painted layers combined with textures.
Another digital sketchbook piece, but a bright art experiment worth sharing.

Long (Labor Day) weekend here. Our day-off plan might be brewing our own beer. Well, David’s plan―my job is pretty much just to share it once it’s ready to drink. Hope you’re having a great weekend, long or not!

Sunbeams joy-pierce clouds. ― Terri Guillemets

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8 responses to “Magnetic Flow

  1. Funny you mentioning beer, those bright yellows have me in mind of an Australian lager … the blues/ have to spend some time on that one.
    But, as often with your work there is always the finer – and finer – detail to delve into.

  2. Love the yellow in this one Karen

  3. Even though I like vibrant colours, I find this very calming to look at, would make a lovely design for curtains for anyone who likes a sunny feel from the light coming through the window curtains. Something about the colours reminds me of my childhood too, but can’t recall precisely what – very attractive! 🙂

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