TGIF: Extravaganza

Extravaganza by Karen Gadient, 2015

Another “FingerPaintingFriday”! This one is actually two paintings combined digitally, but both were done entirely using my fingers. Seemed really brightly colored to me, but I can never tell how things look on different monitors. In any case, it jumped out at me and I liked that, so―sharing!

Enjoy your weekend, friends. 🙂

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Filed under Art, Color, Creativity, Fingerpainting, Painting, Prompts, Watercolor

14 responses to “TGIF: Extravaganza

  1. Your work always tends to remind me of things. I’ve spent a lot of time lately photographing old and abandoned buildings and this painting makes me think of the colorful graffiti that contrasts the inside of old dingy spaces. I’m not calling your work graffiti by any means, it is just what I thought of when I saw this one.

  2. fingers are better than paintbrush

  3. Yes, I like those colors, they jump out at you. They want to be notice, Very pretty.

  4. Jay

    Looks pretty seamless for 2 difference pieces.

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