Nocturnal Tempo

Nocturnal Tempo by Karen Gadient, 2015

Nocturnal Tempo. For a print and other items, please click the image.

Acrylic and gouache on canvas with digital post work.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. ― Joseph Campbell

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Filed under Acrylic, Art, Color, Gouache, Mixed Media, Painting, Quotes

13 responses to “Nocturnal Tempo

  1. Very cool and refreshing it is.

  2. Wow! this is really awesome.

  3. A most excellent creation, dear Karen!. Love! Aquileana ✨❄️✨

  4. Wow – this is like a unique gemstone sliced down the middle, revealing all all it beautiful blueness! Oh my goodness, have my eyes just seen a mirage on your Fine Art America page? You have duvet covers – yay!! I shall have to treat myself some time soon to one of those, as I said ages ago I’d love to have your art as a duvet cover – excitement!!!!! 😀

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