Dissonant Brume

Dissonant Brume by Karen Gadient, 2015

Dissonant Brume. Acrylic, ink, and digital mixed media.

The coming and going of birth and death is a painting. Unsurpassed enlightenment is a painting. The entire phenomenal universe and the empty sky are nothing but a painting. ― Zen Master Dōgen

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Filed under Acrylic, Art, Color, Digital Artwork, Ink, Mixed Media, Painting, Quotes

13 responses to “Dissonant Brume

  1. life

  2. Awesome… It looks like a bouquet of flowers! Love! Aquileana ★🌟 ☀ ~

  3. This one is divine. I’m sure you come up with colours that I’ve never seen before, Karen

  4. Love the zen master quote and the purple in your painting is captivating. 🙂

  5. O…. this is very inspiring colours, love the texture. Very abstract. Chapeau Karen !

  6. Love…purple and green to favorites 🙂

  7. This is gorgeous! I love the way it trails off round the edge, and my favourite colours too. The green really compliments that purple. 🙂

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