Copyright and Using the Work of Others

Ask First Before Using Images

I don’t usually reshare my own posts, but this one deserves a repeat.

If you ever grab images right from Google or just pluck them from Pinterest or other sites, you might want to rethink your blogging habits. Not only are you using someone else’s work without permission, but you could get sued―and I pretty sure that’s not one of your blogging goals!

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Copyright and Using the Work of Others


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6 responses to “Copyright and Using the Work of Others

  1. Like you say, worth the repeat.

  2. I live in fear of that. Even though I’m very (very) careful.

    • I think we’ve all worried about it, at some point. These days, I either use my own artwork, David’s photos, or (when needed) purchased stock. Sadly, too many bloggers aren’t aware of copyright.

  3. I totally agree, Karen. The general level of awareness of copyright issues is distressingly low. Too many people seem to think that if they “get an image from Google” they can then freely do whatevever they like with it.

    • Thanks, Graham. I’ve seen more and more of it with the blogs I follow, which is why I thought it was time to reshare. Sometimes, folks just don’t know–but that doesn’t keep them from getting in trouble. It’s always better to ask to use images (and credit properly after asking) or find ones that are public domain or free stock.

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