Dragon’s Soot

Dragon's Soot by Karen Gadient, 2015

My fourth “FingerPaintingFriday”: all graphite, no color this time. Created with my fingertips and Viarco’s ARTGRAF watercolour graphite. I picked up a pan of it while David and I were in Tucson last weekend and I’ve been doing mostly landscapes―but it’s also wonderful for abstract work, even with fingers.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. 🙂

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Filed under Art, Creativity, Fingerpainting, Graphite, Prompts, Watercolor

16 responses to “Dragon’s Soot

  1. Ooh! Very cool! How hard was that to wash off your fingers? 😀

  2. Are we going to get to see some of the landscape work you’ve done with this?

  3. If a dragon ever sneezed, that would be it 😛 Love the depth, I can find all kinds of shapes.

  4. Jessie Martinovic

    love the title!

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