Happy Accidents

Happy Accident by Karen Gadient, 2015

My third “FingerPaintingFriday”: watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper. Done entirely with fingers and palm (plus a nail or two). I made a glorious mess with this one, getting paint on my shirt, my desk, and even the cat. Oops!

Enjoy your weekend, friends. 🙂

Don’t worry―it’s not blood! This is a picture of my hand when I first did the red (I later added blue―yep, right to my hand, mixed some paint around, then cleaned it all off, let it dry a bit, and painted with fresh paint on my fingers):
My fingerpainting hand! Karen Gadient, 2015

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15 responses to “Happy Accidents

  1. It kinda looks like a cat…

  2. love the
    F – U – N

  3. This looks like fun.
    Happy Easter 😊

  4. Mel

    It looks like someone’s insides, like intestines. But in a pretty way …and then I saw the blood on your hands. I’m just gonna back away slowly.

  5. Haha, poor little kitty! Did they even notice being painted red?! I think you might have created a Doctor Who vortex. Unless I’m just seeing things again! 😉

    • I think the cats just like being involved, paint messes and all! I love your Doctor Who comments. 🙂 I see that sort of thing in everything. Yesterday, we were taking a tour of an air (plane) museum and they talked about “regeneration” (of old planes, making them flyable again) and I couldn’t help but grin. And I thought of you too.

  6. I love this picture! Beautiful! Finger painting is a wonderful thing 😀 One time I was making an ink drawing with my fingers and a friend said I should look in the mirror because I had ink all over my face 😮 It was funny 🙂

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