Destination by Karen Gadient, 2015

Destination. For a print and other items, please click the image.

First painting of 2015. Not quite sure where I’ll be going with my art this year; I’ve been mixing digital and traditional media and will probably do a little of both, if not continue to combine the two in some way onto canvas.

Spent the end of the year in chilly Minnesota, where much of David’s family lives. Had some snow on arrival, which was wonderful, but the negative temperatures that showed up after that?—yeah, that I could do without. We had a fantastic holiday and ringing-in of the new year. I hope you did too!

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.
— Ellie Rodriguez

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19 responses to “Destination

  1. A beautiful piece! Happy New Year!

  2. love the colors used…I believe I saw a kitty with a purple beard 🙂 I’m beginning to find colored pencils limiting…want to try something more tactile…such as finger painting 🙂

  3. I enjoy your creativity. My favorite prints of yours seem to always be the symmetrical ones. Good luck this year, Karen!

  4. What inspirend images, I’m happy to discover you!

  5. These new abstracts are gorgeous. Have a wonderful 2015 wherever your art takes you! 🙂

  6. Awesome Karen… Beautiful painting!~ All the best to you! Aquileana 😀

  7. I love your artwork. It really evokes emotions, thanks for sharing!

  8. I was never into abstract much before I saw yours, You are Brilliant and I don’t collect art any more but maybe you have sparked my interest again. Blessing, Dear Light.

  9. I really like this one Karen. The colours are so vivid and I like all the angles too.

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