Artists and Titles: Recycled Surface

Recycled Surface by Karen Gadient, 2014

The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present. — Paul Scott

Keith Mills and I decided to try making some artwork with the title decided beforehand, as we both generally create first and name later. We found it to be a challenge; we kept reworking things to fit the title. Eventually, we hit our pseudo-deadline and figured we’d share the results (Keith’s version).

I always create with a concept in mind, but rarely with the exact title rattling around my head. From this experiment, I’ve learned that I’m more organic in my design when I know I can grant the artwork a name once I’ve ‘gotten to know’ it. Maybe we’ll try this idea again, though—or another idea, at least—because it was fun to work in tandem with another artist.

The idea came about when Keith created his ‘Turbulence‘ and I remembered I’d done a ‘Turbulence‘ last year during my NaNoWriMo-style month-o-artwork.

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6 responses to “Artists and Titles: Recycled Surface

  1. This is most interesting to me, Karen, as I often ponder about the genesis (and incubation) of a creative work…how sometimes it’s laborious, and at other times seems to happen “by itself.” I don’t always begin with a title, but I always begin with words, since I make poems. But imag-ination is the source, whether visual or linguistic. Nice experiment!

    • Thanks, Cynthia! Yes, creativity fascinates (and occasionally eludes) me too. Odd thing with this experiment is that Keith and I ended up going with similar colors, despite not seeing each other’s artwork until it was finished. I think our next experiment will be using matching color palettes.

  2. I saw two fish kissing when I first looked ☺️

  3. Your art is like a collage of textures, that fits the recycled theme, as that’s what a collage often is. I see you’ve gone for the most colourful bits of recycling! 🙂

    So you’ve discovered you can create art by more than one inspiration – that’s a really good thing to learn! It is amazing what we are capable of when we push ourselves in another direction than what we are used to. Recently I’ve learned to write more poetry than I ever intended to last year. I thought writing too much poetry was a distraction, but it’s actually taught me a lot more about writing in general. I started posting a different kind of poetry on a Tumblr poetry blog a few months back, and found I didn’t always need to be strongly inspired by something in my own head, but pictures, a song, a line in a lyric or poem, and like you’ve done here, also used a title for inspiration – and it works! I find once you’ve got the beginning of a creation, you’ve got something to build on, and that can go in any direction you want it to.

    I’m taking a break from blogging soon, so I’m hoping to get back to some real art painting. I shall have to try this idea of using a title for some abstract art. As always Karen, thanks for the colourful inspiration!! 🙂

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