Art for a Cause: A New Beginning for Liam


Since so many people (quite unexpectedly for me) loved the tree silhouette artwork in the previous post, I thought I’d offer it in a special way.

If you donate any amount to my dear friend Natania Barron‘s GoFundMe fundraiser for her amazing son Liam — and comment here or email me (karen «at» karengadient «dot» com) to let me know — I’d send you the digital file of Eastern Dusk for free and you can print it at home―way cheaper than me trying to offer it at the online gallery.

File is 8″ x 7″ and JPG and/or PNG at 300 dpi. It’s smaller than my usual pieces because I’d only designed it as a post-topper for the blog at first. I’ve tested it at 12.00″ x 10.50″ and it prints well at that size and smaller (not sure about larger). The Eastern Dusk version below is the one being offered.

I’d be super pleased if you’d help! So, donate here and let me know:

A New Beginning for Liam

Oh, and… even if you can’t donate: sharing the link to Liam’s fundraiser would make you just as awesome!



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7 responses to “Art for a Cause: A New Beginning for Liam

  1. This is a very special post. I’ll do what I can! 🙂

  2. That sounds a very generous offer Karen! 🙂 I shall check those links out and get back to you on that. Believe it or not I’ve never got around to paying for anything on the internet yet, I’m not familiar with using a payment card online, so might get some advice from my big brother on purchasing or donating before I do that. It’s something I just keep forgetting to do, I have a whole load of books bookmarked on Amazon I want to buy, but haven’t got opening that account yet!

    I do know a few blog friends who have reasons for raising money for various physical needs, most of them have Facebook pages and videos of their progress which is reassuring to actually see them. But I have to say, I’m normally a little hesitant with donating to any cause unless I’ve known the people involved for some time or someone else can verify who they are. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but is Natania Barron a friend of yours?

    Your painting was absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to have a copy of that. So if I do decide to donate, I guess I need to email you to let you know?

    • Sharing the link is fine, no need to go outside of your comfort zone! A tweet helps heaps. And since I’m not on FB, sharing there is great.

      Natania has been my close friend for more than a decade. I knew her when Liam was only her belly and we sang to him when he was crawling around months later. He’s like a nephew to me and he’s a brilliant kid.

      • Oh well, that’s very reassuring Karen, I had a feeling the way you described it all that she might be, just wanted to double check. I wouldn’t call it outside my comfort zone really, I just like to know what I’m doing when using a card online, I’m used to just sliding it into a machine in a store and not having to think any further than a pin number! But I’m sure it will be fine, I’ll get back to you when it’s all done. 🙂

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