KarPaiTwenMo: Week One

KarPaiTwenMo: Week One

While everyone else has been writing like mad, I’ve been muttering at the canvas. Much like during NaNoWriMo, I’ve found myself making a mess. Chaos is fine for NaNoWriMo, at least for me—since no one ever sees that draft. As my dear friends will tell you, I’m pretty stuffy about sharing Draft Zero of anything. I prefer to stew and edit for a few years.

This artwork thing, though—I went public with this crazy idea and now I have to share a piece or two every week. In fact, the goal at the end of November is to share all twenty and even stick them up for sale.

Therefore, I’ve been finding it hard to like anything I make. I start over and make another one, then growl at that and so on. And so on. So, here I am at the end of the first week and I have five pieces. Only I’m not thrilled with three of them.

So I’ll share two. Maybe next week, I’ll share more than two. And larger, although the originals are all 11 x 14 inches. Oh, but you’ll see them all by the end of the marathon. Pinky swear.

Hope all of you doing any kind of writing/painting/editing/running marathon this month are having lots of success—or at least a bit of fun. Go, go, go!


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27 responses to “KarPaiTwenMo: Week One

  1. I like them both! Very kaleidoscopey. 🙂

  2. I love the one on the left. Does it have a name?

  3. Beautiful & a 5 ***** fave :~} Valz ♥

  4. I know what you mean about not wanting to share your drafts with anyone! And the stewing and editing – yes I do lots of that! But that’s good! I’ve come across a lot of people on writers websites and on WordPress who just can’t edit their own work – it has to be left just how it came out, too precious to be messed with. 😦 Often their writing isn’t great, and it’s not surprising really. So you have good habits! 🙂

    I wouldn’t worry about not liking what you are producing with your art – what you don’t like, someone else probably will! Although it’s nice to get a little buzz from something you’ve created! I love the one on the left, reminds me of some expensive material for a designer dress! 😀

    • karengadient

      Thanks! I have good habits with all this editing I do, but there’s got to a point when I let it go. Heh. Plus I also have the nasty habit of editing-while-writing… and—oh, does that slow me down! *tsk*

      Glad you like the art. I think there’s something to like about every piece of art. I think the artist’s problem is having already stared at it for a few hours. 😀

  5. The hardest part about writing isn’t the gift of the writer, it’s making the time to do it! I like the second picture, by the way. Finding symmetry in chaos is nice.

  6. I prefer the left one only just though! 🙂

  7. Karen they both great I must admit the one on the left is more my colours range but not surprise why you are at the canvass while we are writting… the details are great.

    • karengadient

      Thank you. I’m enjoying hearing which one people favor. Gives me an idea of what colors work best.

      • I understand however I still feel that although we all want to please you should always use the colours that you find you enjoy as the picture you painting is you. I think they both are great works and people around us are all different anyhow and some would like either.

    • karengadient

      Good point and very true!

  8. I had to think about that title to come up with the Plan–oh yeah. We’re doing artwork for a month. Very cool.

  9. I like them both but left one is my fav one 🙂

  10. I’m having fun with my work, but I know what you mean. I feel stressed out a lot too.

  11. I like both paintings, I like the one on the right most. I love madeup word someone else used-kaleidoscopey.

    Editing while writing isn’t always bad, I do it that way a lot. The times when I write fast and furious are fewer and father between. It happens, but less often. And I actually feel more “in the zone” when I’m doing a bit of both and ending up with something that is good rather than having to fix it later. I still let it sit and come back to it, but I have something that’s close to what I wanted. I don’t have to come back to it and try to decipher what I was trying to say.

    I guess that’s why nanowrimo (and all its stepchildren) don’t appeal to me as much. If this is true for me with articles, it seems things would be compounded for a longer work like a novel. But everyone is different.

    • karengadient


      I relate to how you work. I can write short pieces faster than long, which makes NaNoWriMo kind of a mess. Given that my novels tend to run past 100k (my longest is 147k and needs a heap of editing), NaNoWriMo is also strange for me, since I skip scenes and have to add things later anyway.

      However, I totally recommend writers try NaNoWriMo at least once, if only for the community experience and to see how they handle the writing. It’s a good way to find out how you differ from others and you also pick up a few productivity tips.

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