Autumn in Phoenix

Autumn by Karen Gadient

Wild is the music of autumnal winds
Amongst the faded woods.
– William Wordsworth

I live in a place where we don’t experience certain seasons, at least not like other parts of the United States do. Seasons here in sunny southern Arizona are: “too-damn-hot” and “bragging season”. That’s all. I mean, we get monsoon season too… but that’s not a true season. It’s just an influx of haboobs.

Luckily, we’re finally moving into bragging season. Time for the months when we can cheerfully call our sweater-wearing relatives up north: “Hey, it’s December and I’m by the pool! Whatcha doing today? Shoveling, eh? Bummmmmer.”

I don’t miss the snow. Not at all. What I do miss are the changing colors of the trees. Okay–and trees (that aren’t palm or mesquite or palo verde).

And squirrels. I swear all we have are coyotes and snakes.

Anyway… I’m happy about bragging season finally arriving. I’m tired of driving my car with oven mitts on (kidding–sorta). I’m really looking forward to the cold water taps on our sinks actually pouring out cool-ish water again (no kidding, the “cold” tap is always hotter than the “warm” one during the summer here).

So, what’s the best season of the year where you live?


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38 responses to “Autumn in Phoenix

  1. Over here (Romania), we used to have all the seasons but lately we kind of lack spring and I absolutely loved spring.

    • karengadient

      Spring is awesome. Here, we get cactus blooms after a good rain and that’s almost a taste of spring. So pretty to see all the colors!

  2. Wonderful collage!
    I live in Madrid and I always have thought that the best season is spring: longer days, sunny but not hot, full of light and with the blue of sky and the greenness of trees and plants everywhere. MAY is great!
    (Sorry about my english 🙂 )

  3. In the UK the seasons are all pretty much the same. Summer is the best to visit to try and catch some sun if you’re lucky, but personally I like spring when the flowers startto bloom and you know the summer is on the way.

    • karengadient

      I have good friends in the UK and will visit sometime in the next few years. I get plenty of sun here, so I’ll make the trip there when the clouds are in. 😉

  4. And this is why I don’t want to live in Arizona. Hotter than a knife fight in a phone booth (OK, I think I mixed that up a bit)

  5. My favorite season is actually THIS one. I love the fall so much. I live in Northwest Georgia. Someone on Facebook said, “Fall is a Southerner’s reward for surviving summer.” I agree.

    • karengadient

      I’ve been to your part of country in different times of year and I must say… yes, summer there is something special. Whew. Especially when you’re visiting from a place like Phoenix where we have so little humidity! But seeing the southern greenery is worth it.

  6. When I lived in the White Mtns of AZ, winter playing in the snow was my favorite. I favorite season has become now. Happy to be experiencing this moment.

    • karengadient

      It’s great up there. Nice drive to take when we can. I agree: “now” has become my favorite time, especially with what life’s thrown at me this year. I’ve been trying to focus on the present and appreciate it before it’s the past.

  7. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live somewhere where the weather doesn’t change that much with the seasons. I like the bit about the bragging season!! 🙂

    I’ve never known anything else other than very changeable weather and often disappointing short summers! I like a little bit of all the seasons, and it’s changeability always gives an English girl something to complain about!! 😉

    • karengadient

      What’s the best time to visit the UK, season-wise? I could do without extra summer, but I’m not a huge fan of snow either. 😉 I expect we’ll visit sometime in the next few years.

      • I would say May is a very good time of year, all the blossom on the trees comes out and flowers start springing up everywhere. Although it can be a little unreliable, as it was this year, weather took forever to warm up, and nothing bloomed until the middle of June! 😦 But it wouldn’t be too warm or humid that time of year. Humidity is what makes our summers unbearable – when we get good weather, but that is often nearer July or August.

        Also May to June is early in the summer so if you are planning visiting any major tourist attractions, it’s good to go early in the year, rather than later, because August to September every one and their dog will have turned up, just in time to enjoy the end of those sunny days! Hope this helps! 😀

    • karengadient

      That does help — thanks! Not like we’re going to leave here during bragging season, so it’s more likely we’d head over when the weather heats up here. Good to know that August is high time for tourists there, for that day or two that we’d venture into touristville to see the sights. “Tower of London. That’s the last place I’d beheaded.” 😉

  8. In Vermont? Well, we have the standard 4 seasons, although winter’s twice as long as the other three put together. I love spring and fall. 🙂

  9. Here in Perth, Western Australia we have very moderate climate, Mediterranean they have classed it. I love our summers, hot but the beaches help you cool down 😀

    • karengadient

      I miss living near beaches. Southern California is closest (and the weather is good year-round) but it’s a five-to-six-hour drive. Worth it, though. Love the ocean. 😀

  10. Here in Pennsylvania, we have all 4 seasons, although spring and summer seem to be getting shorter. My favorite is fall, with leaves of gold and burgundy, orange and red, although spring is a close second with its flowering trees (white, pink, purple), tulips, daffodils, etc. As far as squirrels – I can ship you the 3 I see from my kitchen window right now. They have so much fun every day out-maneuvering the birds on the supposedly squirrel-proof bird feeders. They are so ingenious, though, I want to feed them because they worked so hard!

    • karengadient

      We spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania when I was young (Hersheypark every summer — mmm, chocolate) and I’ve driven across the state several times. Beautiful place. You really get the seasons there, that’s true. I miss the squirrels!

  11. Hmmmmmm I like this one Karen! 😀 The texture and depth capture the feel of autumn splendidly.

  12. Well in England, we were feeling quite chuffed that it’s 20 degrees today! And has been for a couple of weeks. What’s more, it’s looking good for the weekend…. hurrah!! If we had your weather Karen, it would rate as ‘Scorchio!’ Our leaves haven’t quite started to change yet – but it won’t be long though now. Enjoy it whatever you’re doing – love the image 🙂

  13. I love your use of “haboobs” <,a word I learned in recent years and uh-dore. We also are shy on seasons here in Cally, but are also in bragging season now–telps in the 80s this weekend, and lite on the tourists this time o' year. Go us!

  14. whoopsie–temps, not telps…sorry…

  15. Hello!! We have dry season and rainy season but I love autumn up north 🙂

  16. here in the islands (the Phlippines), we only have sunny and rainy 😀 we actually don’t have seasons here but there are months for fallen leaves and heavy rains. we have the best summers though. sultry hot at daytime, starry and bit windy at night. 😉

    oh btw, since I know deep inside that you love creativity, I’d like to share to you something i backed recenty

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