Photoshop Tennis: Pop Culture Version

Photoshop Tennis - Pop Culture Version

Okay, since I’ve had a few people—including my husband David—suggest I share another Photoshop Tennis result, I’m sharing the silliest one. Can’t remember how many players we had for this game, but we ended up with an image ripe with meme-stuff and pop culture references. So. Silly.

I was wary of sharing, due to some copyright-y things in there, but since the online world is FULL of these images (I mean, one look at Tumblr, people) I figure sharing a small-sized version is fairly harmless. Top image is “before” and bottom is (obviously) “after”. This is hardly art but we had a blast with it.


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28 responses to “Photoshop Tennis: Pop Culture Version

  1. Baby girl, what are you drinking? I want some!

  2. Agreed its good fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Ok…so that deodorant guy? I want him! LOL and *gasps at myself for saying that*

    And I do like the little kitty face poking through the sky nod nods.

  4. Haha awesome, so many great references….love the old skool Who most of all!

  5. Awesome! What fun that must have been.

  6. Lauren

    oooh, the Old Spice guy! and you can’t go wrong with kittens and a unicorn. 😉

  7. So how do you do this? Everyone needs Photoshop. One person does it at a time and uploads to a joint account? Does Photoshop have a collaborative interface? Can we do it here?

    • karengadient

      Like I mentioned in the post, Photoshop isn’t required: any graphics editor will do. 🙂 As for how to do it, we used to play on LiveJournal… so I really don’t know how it would be done here. That wasn’t public for us and we emailed the files, then eventually uploaded them to our journals to share with others. I don’t think I have the wits about me these days (between work and caretaking) to organize games here. Not yet, anyway. Someday, I suppose: via email with a final upload on our blogs could work.

      • Here I am almost a year later, still excited about Photoshop Tennis. I’m updating a 5th grade technology curriculum I edit and want to include this game, using the skills they learn during their four-week session. May I use this name? I’m happy to credit you, through this website or wherever you choose.

        Thanks, Karen!

        • Oh, sure. Lots of people have taken the name since we first did it years ago–seems to be plenty of ‘tennis’ matches going on nowadays. 🙂 No need to credit. Have fun!

  8. This is so awesome, I barely have words. Love the Old Spice guy!!!!

  9. Thanks for this, especially the Old Spice guy. Maybe your creation will push the adv execs to bring him back!

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