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The Unexpected Expected

Family of Flowers 2

We’ve had some life changes here. Without going into the details, I’ll just say that we need to focus on taking care of my mother right now. I might not have time to read blogs or write posts (although I will try, as it can be therapeutic).

I will be back when time and events allow. The blogging community means a lot to me and I’ve made many friends here. If you want to reach me while I’m away, please feel free to email via the info on my ‘about me‘ page.

Take care and see you soon.

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength.” — Corrie ten Boom


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Shiny Dose of Retail Therapy

Orange and Purple Shoes

I’ve never been much of a “girly” girl. At least not on the outside; I wear tees and jeans and like to do “guy” things like watch teams sports, obsess over cars and boats, and enjoy a pub atmosphere. True, I have a few “girly” collections: I collect nail polish… but then, I also like to build models, and enamel is enamel, after all (yes, I have used nail polish on a model car).

But lately, with increased stress in my life, I’ve found myself seeking classic “girly” obsessions to ease my emotions.

Namely: shoes and makeup. Yep, the old standbys.

Not that I’ll necessarily buy the stuff. But I went out alone (OMG ALONE) yesterday for the first time in three weeks. And what did I do?

I tried on piles of fancy shoes.
I let the makeup store ladies put eyeshadow on me.

I didn’t buy any shoes (because I don’t need any, as Natania got me a Zappos gift certificate for my birthday). But I did buy the eyeshadow.

Now, to go watch some shark wrestling and shake off the lace.

Image from stock by jdurham.


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Photoshop Tennis: Pop Culture Version

Photoshop Tennis - Pop Culture Version

Okay, since I’ve had a few people—including my husband David—suggest I share another Photoshop Tennis result, I’m sharing the silliest one. Can’t remember how many players we had for this game, but we ended up with an image ripe with meme-stuff and pop culture references. So. Silly.

I was wary of sharing, due to some copyright-y things in there, but since the online world is FULL of these images (I mean, one look at Tumblr, people) I figure sharing a small-sized version is fairly harmless. Top image is “before” and bottom is (obviously) “after”. This is hardly art but we had a blast with it.


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Photoshop Tennis: Before and After

Photoshop Tennis - Before and After

Speaking of image editing, there was a game my friends and I used to play involving image manipulation. We called it Photoshop Tennis but the graphics program used didn’t matter—Photoshop, Gimp, Painter, Paintshop Pro, whatever. It also didn’t matter if the players had great design skills; the point of the game was to have fun! The game went like this:

Three to six people would take turns adding and changing a base stock photo. The original image was pretty plain and we voted on it from a selection of five images before the game began. Depending on our schedules, a game could take weeks. The final image was always amusing.

The image with this post was a game played in 2010. The top was the base photo we started with and the bottom was the finished result. Good times!


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