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Copyright and Using the Work of Others

Ask First for Image Use Permission

Cloud Lounge wrote a great post yesterday about copyright and fair use.

Interesting timing, since my photographer husband and I had discussed copyright that morning. We see so many bloggers using images that aren’t their own and not giving credit. It’s clearly not the artwork of the person who wrote the blog post, yet there’s nothing to say who did create the image.

Not only is it stealing, but it’s rude.

I mean, imagine if it was your hard work and no one gave you credit?

Ask first. Don’t be a jerk.

If that’s not a good enough reason, consider this:

It’s not just personal. Some projects that artists (and photographers) are commissioned for pass the rights to another person or company. And that person or company might have eager lawyers. Think twice.

Also worth resharing: Roni Loren’s ‘Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog — My Story’.

You might not be out of luck if you really want to use a certain image. If it’s not commissioned work, many artists and photographers will allow noncommercial use (with limitations) of their work with permission. Ask first before you use someone else’s image. If you can’t locate the creator of something you want to use, go find another image to use where you can email the creator.

Or search Creative Commons, try Morgue File or Kozzi, or consider a subscription to Crestock, Fotolia, or Depositphotos.

We all want success, popularity, and/or maybe even fame. That’s why we put ourselves (and our creativity) online and blog. We need to help promote each other instead of just promoting ourselves. Asking permission can make new friends who will promote you in their own networks. It’s a good idea all around.


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Surrounded by Ideas

Great Space of Creative Ideas. Digital artwork by Karen Gadient, 2013.

I had a dream last night where I saw the embodiment of ideas. My ideas, your ideas, or maybe all the ideas of Earth or the universe. Not really sure. But I got the vibe that ALL THE IDEAS was what I was looking at. And so, here goes:

It started out like a spirit guide, only a spark that I followed in darkness. It didn’t speak to me. Instead, it circled like a firefly—tiny and glowing. It had no true form and was made up of the elements. Fire, water, air, and even scattering bits of earth. It soon grew so that I could see its details better. Like a tiny galaxy, floating around the blackness where I stood.

Quickly—BAM—it expanded and surrounded me. Then it took me inside it and enveloped me so that I became part of it. I couldn’t see my hands or be sure that I still had a body. All I had was an intense warmth and the sensation of water washing over me, air I knew I was consciously breathing, and the view of what looked like a million little worlds before me.

Very super cool. I mean, I was a speck among specks, but it was awesome.

Now that I’m awake and back to reality, I’m left with a sense that we’re all so small and yet so powerful. Dreams like that drive me to not waste a moment of life.

Although I did take some time to create what I saw so that you could see it too.

Do you ever have dreams that stay with you and inspire you?


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Illuminathia. She started out as portrait art, but caffeine gave her superpowers.

Illuminathia by Karen Gadient 2013


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Mother Universe

Poster artwork. It’s a little bit psychedelic. Had some fun creating this one.

Mother Universe


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