First, I’d like to thank the Academy…

Award Ribbon

I understand that award nominations come from a place of affection and are a great way to share links. However, I don’t want to pick and choose favorites or make anyone obligated. It’s not how I blog. Roll? Blogroll? Well…

It’s award-free blog time. I’ve had it posted as text on my sidebar for a while, but I’ve just added an image. I don’t want sore feelings. It’s just not my thing.

While I appreciate folks thinking of me when it comes to nominations, I must decline. I’m not the only one in the blogosphere who feels this way and I hope that my blogging friends aren’t offended that I don’t participate.

First, awards are time-consuming. Second, many blog awards have requirements that I’m not comfortable with passing on like a chain letter. Also, some of my blogging friends have blog formats that don’t allow for answering or posting lists of questions without ruining their blog style (experimental art, blogging from a fictional point of view, filmmaking, business professional, and so on).

But! I want to thank those who have recently nominated me. These are all writers I follow closely and I try never to miss one of their posts:

Chelsea Brown (who nominated me for the WordPress Family Award) — You need to check out her Jenny Mac series!

Andrew Toynbee (who nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award) — A fellow writer who shares my passion for metaphysics.

Kristen Mazzola (who nominated me for the Liebster Award) — She inspires me daily and is one of the most productive writers I know.

I follow so many of you. So many blogs that some days it’s hard to keep up.

Yet, I darn well try. I also drink a lot of coffee.

You’re all so brilliant and talented and I think it’s fantastic that we have technology to weave our experience together. I never really thought I’d love blogging, but I do. And that’s because of the pure awesomeness of the blogging community. I just hope you’ll still love me back when I don’t accept awards.


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28 responses to “First, I’d like to thank the Academy…

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. I feel liberated.

  2. Love you more! Hello from another coffee drinker 🙂

  3. You inspired my post today on the award-free zone, thanks 🙂

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  5. t

    I love the way in which you addressed this! Perfect!

    • karengadient

      Thank you. I was flattered to be nominated for awards and didn’t want folks to think I was a jerk for declining them. Blogging is a tricky thing.

  6. Val Mills

    Drinking coffee in New Zealand as I read …… wish you were here 🙂 You’ve mde me feel better. I’m new here and have been awarded two awards so far. After sruggling to find out what to do I put them on hold, initially for the reason you mention, they seem time consuming. And, do I really know 15 people I want to send the award to who haven’t already received it? Thank you for making me feel better!

    • karengadient

      I’d love to be in New Zealand right now, especially with coffee and a friend. 🙂 So much more GREEN than it is here in the Arizona desert!

  7. More and more bloggers are declaring themselves award free – I have read a similar post to this 5 times in the last 24 hours and numerous times in the last week. Even before I began my own blog I realised from reading the conditions that go with the awards that they are very similar to the notorious chain-letter principle. So well done for taking a stand and for acknowledging those that have nominated you recently.

    • karengadient

      Good to be part of a growing trend. I’m flattered to be nominated for my blogging efforts, but it’s not why I blog. I’m sure the award-giving will go on happily without me. I’m glad friends were accepting of my choice.

  8. I posted an article last year saying a similar thing. Wonderful recognition yet time consuming and difficult to pass on to people. Just today I was nominated. I was flattered and will always be grateful to fellow bloggers who feel I am worthy. Thanks for sharing Karen 🙂

    • karengadient

      Nice to know I’m not unusual for feeling the way I do. I’ll always be grateful for being worthy of praise, but awards aren’t for me.

  9. I think many understand where you are coming from. I too appreciate when people give me awards. I do like recognizing other people … but I also do not wish to make them feel obligated to do pass it on if they do not have time.

    And before I forget…wooohooo on the awards *smiles*

  10. I also share your distaste for these awards.

  11. Keep taking the coffee, this is a fine blog.

  12. Thank you for saying what I haven’t been able to express otherwise!

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