Fashion and Digital Textile Design

One more post about the Phoenix Art Museum. These images, also taken by my husband David, are of the Digital Print Fashion exhibition. Everything you see here is digitally printed textile, which allows for some fantastic color and pattern. With digital printing, the sources for fashion inspiration are without limits. Many of these designs inspired me to write, because they look like they’d be at home in a science fiction or fantasy novel—yet, I’d still wear a few of them out to a party this weekend if I could! Which ones catch your eye the most?

Digital Textile Printing - Fashion Examples


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21 responses to “Fashion and Digital Textile Design

  1. Val Mills

    Love the design on the centre one at the bottom.

  2. Pretty soon we can marry a hologram and dress it in digital clothes. Oh what a future we have!

    • karengadient

      You know, as a fan of Red Dwarf, I have to say I’d love my husband just as much if he were a hologram. If I became a hologram myself, I’d have a more impressive shoe collection! I’d probably even start wearing hats.

  3. Digitally printed? You mean they somehow print on fabric? Who designs the dresses? The colours and patternings are vivid at any rate *smiles*

  4. Love those colorful textiles !!!

  5. These are amazing. I need to go see them.

  6. These are all so vibrant and lovely!

  7. Hi Karen, all of your designs are amazing and very creative!
    I particlarly like the black ruffled little number which reminds me of a glamorous witch, very Harry Potter! I’m also fond of the Oriental dress, it is very sophisticated.

  8. This blog is serious eye candy! i’m enjoying just scrolling through the posts.

  9. Great photos. Thanks for the posts on the Phoenix Art Museum. I’ve been there several times – lived in Phx for a time in the 70s and 80s. My favorite work there is Chase’s The White Rose (Miss Jessup)

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