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First, I’d like to thank the Academy…

Award Ribbon

I understand that award nominations come from a place of affection and are a great way to share links. However, I don’t want to pick and choose favorites or make anyone obligated. It’s not how I blog. Roll? Blogroll? Well…

It’s award-free blog time. I’ve had it posted as text on my sidebar for a while, but I’ve just added an image. I don’t want sore feelings. It’s just not my thing.

While I appreciate folks thinking of me when it comes to nominations, I must decline. I’m not the only one in the blogosphere who feels this way and I hope that my blogging friends aren’t offended that I don’t participate.

First, awards are time-consuming. Second, many blog awards have requirements that I’m not comfortable with passing on like a chain letter. Also, some of my blogging friends have blog formats that don’t allow for answering or posting lists of questions without ruining their blog style (experimental art, blogging from a fictional point of view, filmmaking, business professional, and so on).

But! I want to thank those who have recently nominated me. These are all writers I follow closely and I try never to miss one of their posts:

Chelsea Brown (who nominated me for the WordPress Family Award) — You need to check out her Jenny Mac series!

Andrew Toynbee (who nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award) — A fellow writer who shares my passion for metaphysics.

Kristen Mazzola (who nominated me for the Liebster Award) — She inspires me daily and is one of the most productive writers I know.

I follow so many of you. So many blogs that some days it’s hard to keep up.

Yet, I darn well try. I also drink a lot of coffee.

You’re all so brilliant and talented and I think it’s fantastic that we have technology to weave our experience together. I never really thought I’d love blogging, but I do. And that’s because of the pure awesomeness of the blogging community. I just hope you’ll still love me back when I don’t accept awards.


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Fashion and Digital Textile Design

One more post about the Phoenix Art Museum. These images, also taken by my husband David, are of the Digital Print Fashion exhibition. Everything you see here is digitally printed textile, which allows for some fantastic color and pattern. With digital printing, the sources for fashion inspiration are without limits. Many of these designs inspired me to write, because they look like they’d be at home in a science fiction or fantasy novel—yet, I’d still wear a few of them out to a party this weekend if I could! Which ones catch your eye the most?

Digital Textile Printing - Fashion Examples


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Black Cloud Butterflies

Black Cloud Butterflies

At the Phoenix Art Museum this past weekend, my husband David took some fantastic photographs of the Black Cloud multi-room installation of Order, Chaos, and the Space Between.

Butterflies. Swarms of them. Over the walls and ceilings.

So striking. I think the angles he used for these shots help convey what it’s like to be there yourself. I hope you enjoy David’s photography as much as I do.


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Full of Stars: Fireflies Among Us

This time last year [click here for last year’s post], I shared my love for an installation at the Phoenix Art Museum. The work is called You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies by Yayoi Kusama.

We continue to be fascinated by this room of infinity lights.

It’s like being out there in space. As I said last year: it becomes complex and you become small. The specks of light in the depths of darkness… beautiful.

Yes, we still plan on having a room like this in our home someday.

In the meanwhile, we visit. This installation is one of the primary reasons we haunt the museum. This last trip, my husband took some photographs. Nothing said they weren’t allowed (sign outside of the entrance) and he tried it only when we had the room to ourselves, so we didn’t ruin the experience for others.

Here are two of those shots:

My hands, cradling a ‘firefly’ on a red-yellow cycle.

Firefly Caught

Might be a person—possibly myself—in the middle of this blue-green field.

Fireflies in Space


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