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Stock Photo Vacation Spots

Green Escarpment. Sus vistas. Photo by MiguelAngel.
Photo by MiguelAngel.

I recently downloaded this stock photo. I really want to know where this place is. The information on the file doesn’t tell me and there’s no contact information for the photographer. Fotalia’s keywords got me searching online with no results.

I suspect the location is Spain—but where?

Because I’d love to have some real estate with that view someday.

Thanks to Andrew Toynbee being so helpful in his usual witty way… I finally know the location is Ronda. It’s in Spain, so I had that right! The reason I missed it on the stock photo file itself was because I read it only as round in Spanish and didn’t realize that was actually the name of the place.

I’ll go there one day. I’m certain of it.


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Follow Your Inner Moonlight

Inner Moonlight Quote Art

Crazy long weekend. Family time. And a meeting of friends too: I had a lovely brunch with Faye. Talked about writing and life. We have a lot in common. We both take a similar approach to the day-to-day: that you have to grab life by the… well, whatever’s handy—and make the most of it. Especially creatively.

Never mind what others say about you or what your inner editor whines. The key to success is trusting the madness and embracing what makes you unique.

Reminded me of a favorite quote. One I needed to remember. And so, I ended up doing a little art therapy and the image heading this post was the result.

Also, while I’m at it: more about Allen Ginsberg here.


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25 Gems About Me

Gems - Colorful Baubles

My friend Katie tagged me in one of those game-like blog thingees. I don’t usually do that stuff, and she gave me permission not to. No pressure and all that. However, I figured I should honor her by doing something in response to her thinking of me. Because, hey—friends are awesome.

So, I chose the ‘random facts’ part and made it longer.

25 Random Facts About Myself

1. I dictate most of my writing.
2. And a lot of that goes into a micro digital recorder first.
3. I skim magazines backwards.
4. I worked for years as pet groomer.
5. I like fast cars. Shiny fast cars.
6. Yet, I drive a ten-year-old car with over 300,000 miles on it.
7. I collect nail polish. And kooky socks.
8. From my home office, I can hear peacocks calling.
9. I eat salad like people eat potato chips: straight out of the bag.
10. I love to build things out of LEGO bricks.
11. I’m a Gemini. And married to a Gemini. We’re great at parties.
12. I like spiders. And snakes.
13. I have tumbleweeds on the porch to keep away solicitors.
14. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s or Burger King in more than a decade.
15. I’ve lost more than 60 pounds in the last decade.
16. I’ve worked in three Las Vegas casinos. Two of them have since imploded.
18. I would totally go on a vacation to the moon.
19. I have a fondness for Existentialism.
20. Someday, I want to own a sailboat.
21. I support psychedelic research.
22. I love ancient cultures and tribal societies.
23. Yet, I’m just as fascinated with artificial intelligence and future science.
24. I’ve never watched Downton Abbey or Mad Men.
25. I hoard notebooks and sketchbooks.

Am I tagging any of you? Nah, I don’t do that. But if you want to write up a ‘random facts’ list for your own blog: consider yourself tagged and go for it. We’ll all learn a bit more about each other. Cheers!


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Perils of Professional Titles in Fiction

Dr. Smith Examines a Tonsil

I’ve been busy finishing a book. I need some advice. Well, maybe.

You know how I am. I find my answers in the middle of asking for advice.

All the same, here you go:

My main character works in the medical profession, under the guidance of a high-ranking physician. For the first half of the book, he addresses this physician as “Dr. Smith”. When circumstances change (and they do, big time)… the doctor becomes a close friend and asks to be addressed by his first name (we’ll call him “Bob” for example) outside of work.

It only feels awkward to me because he doesn’t become “Bob” until the middle of the story.

And the doctor was his mentor.

Plus the doctor is much older, so there’s a father figure thing too.

Should I explain the “call me Bob” thing in some dialogue and refer to him as “Bob” instead of “Dr. Smith” from that point on?

Bob and I went down the diner to get a five-dollar milkshake. To our surprise, Dr. Phil was there too. “Whatcha doin’ here?” Dr. Phil asked. “Dr. Smith and I wanted to see if that five-dollar milkshake was any good,” John replied. “Dunno if it’s worth five dollars,” Dr. Phil said, rubbing his shiny pate. “But it’s pretty friggin’ good.”

Or continue to call him “Dr. Smith” unless the main character is speaking to him? In which case he can pull something like:

John handed Dr. Smith the plunger and asked, “You sure you know how to fix a toilet, Bob? We could call a plumber.” Dr. Smith waved him off. “It’s a toilet. How much different can it be from the human colon?” John had his doubts. There was a reason they had maintenance on speed-dial.

I’ve been told I over-think. There’s my mind on coffee.


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