Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction Photos 2013. Photos by David Gadient.

Cars are art. Didn’t Top Gear already argue that several times? I agree: cars are indeed art. Cars are poetry. Cars are inspiring. They are things of beauty and speeding along in one makes the heart flutter. They have personality, spirit, and attitude… much like the people who drive them.

We went to the amazing Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction this weekend and spent many hours gawking at the cars. If you ever have the chance to attend one of these auctions—take it. There is just so much shiny to see! There are even food and merchandise vendors. Perfect way to spend a family afternoon.


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5 responses to “Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

  1. Ohhh…shiney indeed! I like the way you put them together in the pictures. And thinks the one in the lower left if my favorite looking one as it looks old and vintage.

  2. These auctions are amazing. My husband watches them all the time.

    • karengadient

      We’ve been to car shows before, but this was our first auction-show. I was amazed at how huge the event was. Big as a state fair.

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