Creative Experimentation

Book Cover Experiment for One Last Dark Day

This was a creative experiment. Turned out better than expected, so sharing. Shown almost full-size for detail, but it reads surprisingly well as an itty bitty icon. When small, the words hop out. I wanted a window into the sunshine of this character’s future while still trapping him in his present darkness—and used the title itself. Not sure if I’d try the technique again, but it was a lot of fun to make.

Sometimes I like to create something (art, writing, cooking, knitting, LEGOS, etc.) just to see what I come up with at the end of an unplanned project.

Do you ever just make something to see what happens?

Hope you all have a great week!


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7 responses to “Creative Experimentation

  1. I want to write this book.

  2. When I was 11 I spent the better half of two weeks trying to make my own action figures out of Play-Doh, paper, tape, and paperclips. It did not go as planned…which can pretty much be said of every arts and crafts project in my entire life.

    Luckily these hands of mine are good…well, relatively good at typing and playing video games. So I guess I’m in a pretty good place. Now if only I could do something about this brain that thinks writing a story about a psychokinetic over-actor campaigning to build a globe-spanning harem is a good idea…

    • karengadient

      Any story involving psychokinesis is worth exploring.

      I tried to make wings as a kid. From paper. Jumped from a staircase and nearly broke a leg. Might try it again when I’m in a nursing home, just to keep the staff on their toes.

  3. Ohh .. that is cool how the picture shows though the words but in a lighter setting. I would have noticed that had you not mentioned it … but I do not think I would have gotten the context of the dark and light. Knowing it … makes me feel like I have some kind of inside information.

  4. In fact … perhaps one day I will use that concept when using some photos I steal off the web lol.

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