Finishing a novel and starting NaNoWriMo

Finishing a novel, starting a novel. NaNoWriMo 2012.

Journeys: my alphabetical post for ‘J’. I just took one and I’m about to take another. Whew, man… I really thought I’d have more time for this stuff. Between work, family, and unexpected migraines, it’s been a little crazy.


I finished another novel. This one is a normal size. In fact, it’s a little small and will need work in the next draft. Screen capture is in the banner for this post: 72,197 words. I tend to run long and I really made efforts not to do that this time. My first novel was *goes to check* …146,338 words. Yeah, that one needs trimming. With explosives.

Today is one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! I shall go a-haunting. After that, things will haunt me instead: lack of sleep, too much caffeine, voices in my head, and words, words, words!

Rosencrantz: What are you playing at?
Guildenstern: Words. Words. They’re all we have to go on.

Yep, its’ NaNoWriMo time!

Whether you like it or you hate it, it’s a great excuse to write.

I’m still in that place where I’m sad to finish a story and here I am about to start another one. As I said in my last post, it’s like drugs. No point in quitting or cutting back or I’ll have rebound issues just like any other stimulant.

For NaNoWriMo, I’ll be headed to another planet. Chaos. Lies. Creepy stuff. Plus my usual abundance of existential dilemmas. Not quite sure how it’ll end up. Doesn’t matter, because it’s all about the journey.

Guildenstern: Who decides?
The Player: Decides? It is written!


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6 responses to “Finishing a novel and starting NaNoWriMo

  1. OMG….146K + words?!?! Wow. And your other book …72K+. Was that one done in a month as well?

    By the way, last night I stayed up and waited until midnight and started to write. It felt sooooo good. What I wrote pretty much looks like crap at the moment lol. This not editing thing is INCREDIBLY hard. But I got in 1,827 or so words. Yahhh…and I will write a little more today I think. So I’m just slightly beyond the avg daily word count needed. Woo woo.

    By the way, do you write every day then? (Not just talking NaNoWriMo … but in general.)

    • karengadient

      My first book was one of those epic things that was more like therapy, I think! I’ve learned to pare it down since. Nah, neither of those took me a month. I write between 1k and 2k a day, more on some days, if I have time and energy. I try to write every day.

      Congrats on the word count! This will make you feel better: it’s nearly 11am here on the first day, and half of my friends already have at least as many words as you and… I haven’t started!

      • I think I was told that the secret was to just write some every day…like you said you do. So I will try hard to do that nod nods.

        And almost 11am there? (notices when you replied. We are in the same time zone! I should take a look at your NaNo profile again.) And…that means…there are 13 more hours to go for the day.

        Just about 130 words an hour and you can make the avg for the day! lol.

  2. karengadient

    I’m in Arizona, which is currently Pacific time zone. 🙂

    Yeah, writing every day makes it a habit and you feel weird if you skip a day. If you look at it like fun and not work, it’s not hard to do daily.

    I do my writing in 25-minute bits, using an egg timer. Hehe. When it feels like a race, I get more words in!

  3. Thank you … for your comment about liking talking to me…I appreciate it. I sort of needed a break from blogging … but I will be back. *hugs*

    In the meantime, i will continue to work on the NaNo novel … and will likely bug and email you there. *smiles*

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