Have you ever been experienced?

Psychedelic Colors. Writing is my drug of choice.

Another alphabetical post: this time for the letter I. Given the last few weeks, I’m choosing intervention, because I probably need one. I’ve got this writing addiction, you see. Only—like many of us with a serious writing habit—I’ve got all these other things that I’m also supposed to be doing.

So, I guess I can throw insomnia there too, because I’m willing to lose sleep to maintain my writing addiction along with my real-life responsibilities. And I’m cool with that. No need for a therapy session; you can put away your touching letters. I can handle this myself. I’ll keep the phone close.

“Did you happen to bring any candy?”

I’m guessing there’s quite a few of us addicts out wandering the online realm right about now, because the big showdown of “who can do the most hits the fastest” is just around the corner: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), where the goal is to write a 50,000-word (approximately 175-page) novel in 30 days.

Hell yes, I’ll be participating again this year. You can find me here.

“How are you preparing? Outlines? Synopsis? Notebooks of character bios?”

Not this year, my friends. See, this year I’ve got a novel to finish by the end of October. Self-imposed obsession.

Hey, hey… I said I’ve got this. Dude, I can handle it. Well… barely, with all the other things on my list, but who needs sleep when you have caffeine?

“Here’s the first of the day, fellas! To ol’ D.H. Lawrence.”

Can you tell I’m finishing a book that’s a little heavy on drug culture? Anyway, I’ve got about 5,000 words left on this book and then I’ll hop the NaNoWriMo train.

I’m diving in on November 1st like it’s a rave. Crank that bass, yo.

Oh yeah. You’re a writer too? Yeah? Been doing this a while? First timer or not, man—I’m telling you, once you try it… you’ll be hooked. Writing is not just a party drug. As Jimi Hendrix might say: it’s an experience.

And all of us writers want to be experienced. Our stories, given to others to explore. Part of us, in the hands of the world. Or just into the heads of a few people who matter to us. It’s all good. But you only get to see if you mellow out and follow the pretty colors to the story you want to read. Just enjoy the trip.

I know, I know you probably scream and cry
that your little world won’t let you go…

30 days. Go on. You never know what you’ll discover inside your mind.


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7 responses to “Have you ever been experienced?

  1. OMG…I am…was….soooooo freaking out and thinking I have gotten in over my head by signing up for NaNoWriMo!!! But reading your blog…you are soooo excited..it makes ME excited lol. Whether I can finish or no…does not matter…for I will just write….and write…and write some more. (ohhh….pullleeassseee give me inspiration for more of a story someone!!! lol)

    I am soooo getting giddy!

    • karengadient

      Heh, thanks! It’s really way more fun than scary. Just go with the flow and don’t edit as you write. No one ever has to see your NaNoWriMo draft (you can even submit the word count garbled; they have instructions on the site) so allow yourself to get crazy with it. Hit a dead end while writing? Just ask, “What’s the worst thing that could happen to these characters right now?” and go with it. Words will fly by if you play it like a game. 🙂

  2. By the way, I like the look of your new page design.

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  4. Karen,

    I am leaving this on the post that we first started talking about NaNoWriMo…I see that you have another blog about…the WINNING blog yahhhhh!

    This past month, writing … checking back in with one another as we both wrote … I had not thought that writing could be anything but a solo affair … but this was almost as if we were writing … not on a same project … but with same goals. And I liked it. A lot.

    But … what I liked even more? Was getting to know you. Finding a new friend to share with *smiles*.

    So with that in mind … I wanted to present you with an award. I know…awards…lots of awards floating around lol. (And see’s that you already saw the blog post about it that I did…here … http://irishkatie.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/i-am-honored-more-than-i-can-express/)

    Nevertheless, I still wish to let you know that I wish you to have an award *yah!* …. What do you do with it? A lot give it to others … but tis yours to do as you wish. Give it to someone else… leave it there just knowing that someone wanted you to have it *smiles* …. should be no pressure.

    By the way, tis called the Sisterly Love Award. I felt it was a good one or you …. for we were sisters in …errrr…not arms…but sisters in writing this past month … and that has made me smile.

    Thank you Karen…just because *smiles*

    • karengadient

      Hehe, yep! I think that’s one of the best things about NaNoWriMo: making friends and running the “race” with them. It was great to support each other the entire way. Writing can be so lonely sometimes and NaNoWriMo never is. Crazy, sure! 😉 But lonely? Nope.

      Aw. I’ve never gotten a blog award before, but I truly appreciate it… especially the honor of being your sister-in-ink! *hugs* Much love!

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