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Happy Halloween!

Fractal Autumn by Karen Gadient, 2014

A tad bit early where some of you are, but still: have a spook-tacular Halloween weekend, wherever your haunts may lead you!

Fractal Autumn. Color and pattern and a bit of fall leaves. Not designed as a Halloween image, but artwork I made ages ago and forgot to share.


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Halloween Sunset

Halloween Trees by Karen Gadient

Happy Halloween! May all us kiddies get plenty of treats. Haunt well!

“Around and around the house the leaves fall thick, but never fast, for they come circling down with a dead lightness that is sombre and slow.”
— Charles Dickens, Bleak House


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Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Harvest Pumpkins in October. Halloween time!

Since it’s October, I’m adding another post for ‘H’: Halloween!

The pumpkins are a’plenty around here and we’re going to carve up some of them. In recent years, our family has held pumpkin carving contests. This year, we’re thinking of getting a little crazy and carving something really ornate.

So, I’ve been crawling the web (hey—spider joke there) for ideas on how to cut up our pumpkins. Here are two of the sites I like best so far:

I don’t really look for instructions, just ideas. We try to figure out how to do it on our own. The more complicated designs that you always see on the news each year—those, we haven’t attempted. I’m no Ray Villafane.

We might just create something from scratch. The other day I noticed that there are more varieties of pumpkins available this year than last, including pink pumpkins. Those really appeal to me, so I might try something creative with that. In fact, perhaps this year we’ll only haul home unusual pumpkins to work with.

Guess I’ll use the orange ones for cooking. Mmmmm.

Anyone else have pumpkin carving plans this year?
Better still: do you have any great pumpkin recipes to share?

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