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TGIF: Watercolor Creature

Watercolor Creature by Karen Gadient, 2015

Belated “FingerPaintingFriday”!

I got so involved with upgrading my operating system yesterday that I forgot to post this. I use a mac, and installed El C(r)apitan when my new version of Office wouldn’t install on Mavericks. I’d skipped Yosemite and really wish now that I’d installed that instead, but hey―what’s done is done. Most things are behaving normally. At least my scanner still scans.

Anyway: fingerprinting! Watercolor mirrored―to create an animal-like face.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. :)

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TGIF: Desert Mesas

Desert Mesas by Karen Gadient, 2015

‘FingerPaintingFriday’ scenery: watercolor southwestern landscape.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. :)

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November Box of Art Snacks

Red Tree WIP by Karen Gadient, 2015

Received my little box of art supplies from Art Snacks this week. Since I’m having a ‘sick day’ weekend―I’m getting better, but still nursing congestion and a wicked cough―I figured I’d play around with it.

Once again, there’s only one color in the box. It’s a matte red acrylic paint. Reminds me of gouache, actually, which I use often. With the paint is a Liquitex ‘freestyle’ brush. I have one of these, only larger. The little one is very cute! They’re sturdy brushes and I’m glad to get another to add to my brush collection.

There’s also a Blackwing pencil. I’m admittedly a pencil fan, so this was nice to get, even if I tend to use Blackwings more for writing. Lastly, there’s a Japanese brush pen that I’ve never heard of before: Kuretake Fudegokochi. It’s nice, but not waterproof, so it was tricky to use with the paint.

So, I made a red tree. It’s not much as it is, but… you know, when I feel better, I might add layers of other things to it later and jazz it up a bit.

I’m going to try another month and then decide if I want to continue. Who wants to bet that December has at least two colors? Probably red and green. ;)

Hope your weekend has been a relaxing one!

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Disbanding : KarPaiTwenMo 3 Art Marathon #2

Disbanding by Karen Gadient, 2015

Disbanding. Watercolor, ink, and acrylic with digital post work.

I’ll never see them again. I know that. And they know that. And knowing this, we say farewell. ― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

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KarPaiTwenMo 3 : Art Marathon

KarPaiTwenMo 3: 2015 by Karen Gadient, 2015

While the writing world wrestles with NaNoWriMo, I’m going to spend November the way I did the for previous two years: creating twenty different pieces of artwork for your enjoyment. :)

I call it ‘KarPaiTwenMo‘ (Karen Paints Twenty in a Month). Five per week.

Actually, despite keeping the marathon name and hashtag―it’ll be 28 this year; I won’t be counting Finger Painting Friday or #KaleidoSaturday (you can check out that tag on Twitter to see more) and I’ll still be doing those.

I’ll try to keep up this year and have it all posted in a timely manner!

Best of luck to all of you participating in NaNoWriMo―and a successful November to everyone, no matter what your plans and goals are. Have fun and keep the coffee pot brewing!


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Halloween: Colorful Pumpkin

Colorful Pumpkin by Karen Gadient, 2015

We’d gotten a cheerful orange pumpkin with plans to carve it, only―being in a different state―we missed the family carving event. So, I painted it.

The first two layers of yellow gouache didn’t quite do the trick, so I added layers of yellow and gold acrylic, which didn’t have the effect I wanted either. So, naturally… I decided to go nuts and splatter-paint the whole thing. Which actually worked out well and now it’s a bright addition to our Halloween decor. For now. Next week, it’ll be pie. ;)

Did you carve or paint a pumpkin this year? Have you ever done so?

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TGIF: Vision Bloom

Vision Bloom by Karen Gadient, 2015

It’s “FingerPaintingFriday” again! Strokes of watercolor on watercolor paper.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. :)

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