About Karen

I’m an artist by education and passion, channeling my ideas into color and the visual expression of sound; I’m a writer by compulsion, exploring the edges of time and existence through science fiction.

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My work is inspired by possibilities, especially relating to the interconnectedness of the universe, both as science suggests it and as imagination envisions it. I believe that we are all linked by the strands of an ethereal web, whose fibers reach beyond time, place, and even what we see as reality.

I’m also particularly obsessed with the oceans, seas, and nearly everything aquatic, including sailing and navigation. Water, taking up so much of our world and our bodies themselves, often plays a symbolic part in my writing and art.

I’m currently in the editing stages of two different novels, both the first of their series. I also have a lengthy standalone novel that’s going to need revision.

However, my days now have been devoted primarily to painting, in honor of my mother—a painter who lost her sight. One of the last things she said to me was that I should spend more time painting. She was right, and so I am.

Outside of that: I collect old nautical books and charts, practice Anniversary Gregg Shorthand, bend myself into yoga poses, indulge in healthy vegan cooking, and drink entirely too much tea. I’m a native of New Jersey, married to a native Minnesotan. We live in sunny Arizona, in a house on the edge of Phoenix.

I can be contacted directly at:
karen «at» karengadient «dot» com

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