KarPaiTwenMo: Week Two, Part Two

KarPaiTwenMo: Week Two: Green Fish, Yellow – Digital Artwork by Karen Gadient

Green Fish, Yellow – Completely different style of painting, but one I really like and want to share. Created with swift brush strokes in Corel Painter, I meant it to be the movement of fish so fast that you don’t catch their eyes. Abstracts can be different things to the viewer than they are to the artist. What do you see?


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39 responses to “KarPaiTwenMo: Week Two, Part Two

  1. I see the fish. They are passing each other going in opposite directions. I really like this a lot! :-D

  2. The balance here is lovely. A big fan of greens and yellows. :)

  3. I feel like I’m taking one of those psychology tests. :-)

  4. markrenney1

    Reminds me of Barcelona. Beautiful.

  5. That is beautiful. I usually like blues, but not this time.

  6. As well as being able to see your fish moving rapidly. The image that really stands out to me, is, ‘the side of a lady’s face ( I can even see her eyelash) she is wearing a white hat and she has a green arm which looks to be dusting the beak and neck of a bird above her arm’!
    I love exploring abstract work, this is really beautiful Karen :-)

  7. I love the colors. It reminds me of looking down into a pond and seeing Koi.

  8. I’m not sure if I saw the word fish or just thought of it looking at the image but I do see fish.

  9. Yeah, I can see a kind of a fast fish in there! :) But I can also see something floral too. I’ve got a bit of a flower head! :roll: And I think it’s true with a lot of art, especially abstract, and also music sometimes too. And I’m sure often 20 different viewers of a piece of art will see 20 different things, but that’s good because it keeps the art fresh! :)

  10. This really is wonderful work, Karen! I love the color mix, the textures and the highlights at the top and at the sides. So far, this is one of my favorites!

  11. Gorgeous! It’s also very Pisces, two fish heading in opposite directions.

  12. I like the motion, kind of a yin/yang symbol.

  13. I would seriously have that on my wall in the lounge. If only… Very beautiful Karen! The depth and texture are really emphasised by the white contrasting the green. Nice use of the palate.

  14. I see imagination and beauty in the piece. Along with the green fish … moving quite quickly.

  15. I like this style very much – very painterly! :-)

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